Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Letter # 27

Thank you for pictures from Kylie's blessing! She looks beautiful :) Mom
did a great job on the dress (not that it comes as a huge surprise or
anything :D). But there weren't any pictures with Melissa in them.....
What's up with that?? I want to see how she doing....anyways I loved
the picture of Preston; he cleans up pretty good. I can see him as a
missionary already, nice suit!! :) So how is everything with him going??
Have all the shopping and everything done?? When are you guys driving
down....I haven't heard anything :(

btw, Preston, there's a young man (from the ward I'm serving in now) that is
entering the MTC next Wednesday. His name is Elder Ortiz; he's going to
Provo Utah mission Spanish speaking....and we went to his farewell
last night and I told him to look out for you...

And Preston, I have a favor to ask? Ok? When you get to the MTC, can you
order a Florida Tampa mission shirt for me? The 2 Spanish sisters
living with us... ordered them and they're really cool :)  (I didn't know
that they even made them) You can get them for every mission at the
MTC...it's the state flag and your mission on it....I guess you just
have to request them at the front, idk? Or if mom could figure out how
to do that.....I'm trying to get shirts or something from every area I
serve and I want to make a mission quilt or something :) Let me know?
And I've been asking the language missionaries for tips for you...I'll try
to make a list for when we talk on Mothers day :)

Speaking of Mothers day :) so no news yet! on how long we get to talk
or anything...so I'm just assuming we get an hour and a half again
and hopefully we'll get to call beforehand to set up a time.  The
Seamons--the member house I went to for Christmas--is letting us come and
use her skype again :) So I'll let you know if I get any more info...
They might let us know on Wednesday at district meeting. So expect either
a call or letter home soon :)  Speaking of letters, did you get my
letter with my sd card in???  And start now sending my letters to the
mission home...cause guess what--we're finally moving :) On Wednesday
we're moving to our new apartment!!! Actually you could send it to the
new address....so my new address is 7779 Jewel Ln #101, Naples FL
34109.  Pretty excited about that :) It's a really nice place; it's 3
bedrooms (way too big for the 2 of us), 2 bathrooms, and I CAN WALK INTO
MY CLOSET :)  And the best part of course is it's in our area :) no more
biking 5 miles just to get into our area :)

So this week has been pretty crazy. And next week isn't looking so
great either :)  But on the bright side...we have our first real
Florida storm :)  Actually it wasn't bright at all; it was crazy dark
:) with lighting and everything, it kinda sucked though because we were
stuck in the house most of the day...but I've survived my first summer
storm... So we've been working with a lot of less active members  Our
Relief Society president has been helping a lot....we’ve been trying
to visit everyone in the ward to get to know them and at least let them
know that the ward got split and that we’re meeting at a different time
:) So that equals a lot of cleaning up the ward roster with people
that have moved. And we've also been tracting -- which honestly isn't my
favorite thing... Sister Calder got her first door slam this week :0
....So we mostly go around offering to leave the Savior's peace and
blessing. Haven't found anyone solid yet; but we're working with a
couple people. Since we're taking over the elders' area, we got a
couple of people they were teaching. But I'll have to tell you more
about that in my next letter cause I'm running out of time :(  Well, I
love you so much! and pray for you daily!! Can't wait to talk with you.

Sister Sharon Andersen

 Sister Andersen and Sister Calder and a snake...

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