Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter #55

Dear Family,

This has been the longest week! I don't know why, but this transfer seems to be going by so slow... This week we had interviews with President. (which wasn't my favorite) hahaha  He is so business like, and the interviews are completely different than the ones we had with President Summerhays. It just felt like it was a job interview and I did not do well!!! We had to fill out this questionnaire thingy before we went into our interview. The very last question was: If the savior was your companion, would you be comfortable with your service. So needless to say, that was not fun to answer! i just left the interview feeling like the worst missionary because I am so not prefect :(  Our DL (District Leader) said half his zone called crying after interviews on the last transfer. hahaha but....

Besides that it has been a kinda slow week. Not much going on... we are really trying to find more people to teach, which is always fun haha. We have been biking around and talking to everyone we see. We have this new potential investigator that is also meeting with the "j-dubs" (Jehovah Witness') hahaha. So that is going to be very interesting.  We are also still working in our new area and trying to get to know everyone there. All in all it has been a pretty boring week. Not much to report on. Sorry this letter is pretty lame... Last week we did go to the beach with the Elders. It was way fun!! I'll send a couple pictures and hopefully send more different ones next week. I love you guys!!! God be with you until we meet again! :) 

Sister Sharon Andersen

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