Monday, October 22, 2012


Dear Family,
All is well! It's crazy how fast time fly's here at the M.T.C. It feels just like yesterday that I was dropped off; but than at the same time the days are so LONG AND TIRING! It is all such a blur, my companion and I have a hard time remembering what day it is. Speaking of my companion; her name is Sister Brownell and she's from Oregon. She going to the Mesa Arizona Mission at the Visitor's Center... she is amazing! The lord sure knows us well; he paired me with someone that I fully get along with. We laugh and have fun together but when the time comes we can get serious and focus on what is at hand.
So Day 1 ~ I got dropped off and I did cry and tear up saying goodbye to Mom and Dad, but it wasn't a complete sad cry. It was a "bittersweet I'm going to miss you guys so much; but I know this is going TO BE SO WORTH IT IN THE END" cry. As soon as Mom and Dad drove away the tears were gone; I was completely happy and had an amazing sense of calm come over me. After that I was able to meet up with my temporary companion. I think she told me she was going to Cuba! She was very helpful showing me around and answering any question I had . I got a short tour of the place, dropped my stuff off, and I was off to class! I was surprised they put you right to work at the M.T.C. no time to waste! They did not give us time to unpack and get settled in;  it was off to class! It was then that I was assigned to Sister Browell. We had workshops and meetings to attend all day. It was non-stop from place to place. By the end of the day I was so tired, but sadly I haven't been sleeping well. If possible please send something from home to help me sleep; a teddy bear, a blanket, or a nightlight... LOL??? (ask the idea man A.K.A. Dad) It's crazy  I have learned so much since I have been here and it hasn't even been a week! I feel like if I went home even now I would not be the same person. I feel myself changing, learning and realizing what really is important in this life. I can't wait to help the people of Florida so they can have the happiness I've been blessed to have my whole life. I'm so thankful to be born in such a amazing family. I have so many example's in my life of who to look up too.  Mom and Dad Thank You for all you do for me!!! And all my sisters and my brother; I love you and miss you. I think of you daily and can't wait till the next time we are all together again.
I'll try to type faster next week. But I am doing amazing here. I'm not saying it's easy; its is not! It is really really hard here. they are pushing and pushing us out of our comfort zone. I know it going to make me a better missionary so I am trying to keep happy. Dad do you remember what Sierra said before came in? I can't remember the end of it...
I wish I could tell you more but I am running out of time. I am so slow at typing; something I will have to work on. On the next email there will be a lot of pictures because I forgot my flash drive in my room. Dad please fix any misspelled words I may have. I only have 30 mins so not a lot of time to proof read. :) I Love You guys so much!!!! More and more everyday! And I miss you guys so much!! Please while I am at the M.T.C. please write me on dear elder because I only have 30 minutes to read and write emails.  
And Thank You Steven for writing me It's the only letter that I have gotten so far :(  It made my day! I love you guys so much and hope for only the best for all of you guys!  Please continue to pray for me, I'll need it. And please have the kids send me pictures and letters! That goes for EVERYONE. Dad has my address if you need it. Can't wait to hear from you guys!
Sister Andersen !!!

I sent Steven (Tiffany's husband) a Text about what his trick was for getting a letter to her so soon. He used this site It is a free service; and they deliver mail on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to the MTC. You click on the link on the upper left hand that says SEND LETTER NOW, then it populates drop down menus to fill in. Info you may not know: her mission is Florida Tampa, her Departure date is Nov. 5th, and her MTC Box # is 192. After you write the letter you have to agree to the Terms of use and then they send you an email to confirm your email and then you approve the letter with the link they send. Let's show her some love and send her some letters!!
LOVE ~ Melissa

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