Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter #2

Thanks daddy. Hopefully President Treadway wasn't too upset :) (she did not turn her missionary picture in before she left for the stake center, so dad had to turn it in for her)
So today P-DAY!! Just got back from the temple and after this we're doing laundry. It's so funny the things we get excited about now -- like showering, and doing laundry, shaving my legs :) And getting to take a nap!!! That is the best thing on p-day during our personal time -- we get to take nap; it's what we all look forward to all week long. When I'm tired in class I try to remember that this is the lord's time; I need to use it wisely and I'll sleep when I'm dead :). So I got my traveling info this week and I'm leaving on the 5th! I have to be on the bus at 3 in the morning to get to the airport. and I think I get to call you on my layover or when I land. Please dear elder me your cell phone number. I can only remember mom's and the house phone... so I don't know around what time I'll be calling I think around 6?? idk?? Sorry, just carry your phone on you, can't wait to hear your voices :D. I miss you guys so much. Every night I think of you guys back home and pray that all is well. Speaking of home, how is everything??? Is the house quiet or what? I'm guessing you guys are so bored with the house completely empty.
So time here at the MTC has taught me so much. Every day, even every class, I learn something new. They sure do have amazing teachers here who are so knowledgeable about the gospel. I just want to take a sec to thank you mommy and daddy for raising me in this church and bringing me up this way. I think of all those people in Florida that don't know of their Father in Heaven and that unending love he has for all of them. I can't wait to bring this happiness to them that I've been so lucky to have my whole life. To those people to change their life forever. To help them come unto Christ :)  I love you guys so much and know the lord watching over you and protecting you while I serve. And I want you to know how truly blessed I am to know that my redeemer lives and loves me and answers my prayers. I love you so much!!!!
So to answer some questions I've been getting. My comp name is Sister Brownell; sorry I'm trying to hurry not really checking my spelling at all.
The food is good -- not as good as mom's cooking -- but not as bad as Matt made it out to be.
Steven - thank you so much for all the letters, yours was the first I got (before mom and dad) I was thinking you guys forgot about me. It's amazing to hear from family. Letters are the BEST! THANKS FOR ALL YOU LOVE AND SUPPORT
Tiffany - you're right I have like no personal time. I have like an hour and half before I go to bed and that's pretty much it. And that's if I don't need to shower and do all that stuff. During that time I try to write in my journal, write about what I want to tell all you guys about since last letter I felt like I was all over the place. Please have the kids send pictures and letter. That makes my week! Love you guys so much.
Melissa - thanks for all the letters and the card. Just so you know I cry every time I open your letter. So I got your letter and Mom and Crystal and Tiffany on the same day and yours was longer than all of theirs put together. You wrote like 2 pages worth and Mom only wrote one little paragraph ;). I'm going to try to answer to write you a hand writing letter while I do my laundry cause I don't have enough time to answer everything and I need to tell you about the elders ;) Love you!! And have Hayhay practice her letters and send to me:) Love you guys so much!!!!!
Crystal - thanks for the little letter :) Love hearing from you. But write me more I want to hear about what going on? What's new? How's school going? Still going to the singles ward (any new scoop) How's Kevin? Love you sister can't wait to hear more about how your doing
Dad - I'm running out of time I think I'll have to write you a hand written letter to to answer all your questions. But I was so glad to hear your trip went well. Sounded like you guys did a lot and got to visit a lot of family. I can't wait to see everyone again. Let everyone know I'm praying for them and can't wait to see everyone again. I'm trying really have to make them proud and to wear the Andersen name proud. But even more to be the best representative of Jesus Christ. And do my Father in Heaven proud and to use his time wisely and serve him well. 

Sister Andersen

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