Monday, November 5, 2012

First Phone Call Home

We did not receive a letter from Sharon for this week because she was able to CALL HOME!!

She tried to call a few times in the morning from the airport but was not able to get through. She said she could hear Mom and Dad on the other end saying "Hello... Hello... Sharon is this you!?" But my parents could not hear anything from their end. She was able to call them Monday Night and talk for a while.

She traveled with 2 Elders from her Zone in the MTC to the Florida Tampa Mission. One of the Elders; Elder Ryan let her borrow his calling card to call mom and dad. He made the call and let my mom know not to worry that they were taking good care of Sister Andersen. That helped put my mom's mind at ease.

She was able to meet with the Mission President and they got a picture. The Mission President said he would send the picture to my parents soon. She enjoyed the flight but was frusturated that her calls home were not going through. She was looking forward to getting her bike soon and meeting her companion.
She also said to tell everyone (friends and family) thanks for the emails letters and prayers. She loves everyone and she will try to find time to write.

We are SO happy she arrived safe and sound and we look forward to her serving the people in  Florida!

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