Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Letters Home

Sharon sent the letter to my mother answering my mom's questions... see below for the questions that were asked. Then below that is the letter she sent my dad. :)

Dear Family,

1. My address is 1344 Wildwood Lake Blvd. Unit 8 Naples, FL and I think my zip is 34104. Sorry I didn't write down my zip in my planner. I think Ursula is right family and friend can send letters here but packages have to go to the Mission home address.
2. My bike was here the day of transfers ~ Thankfully!! :) My awesome M.T.C buddy Elder Ryan (the elder you talked to on the phone) put it together for me.
My bedding didn't come until Thursday but it was alright because they had sheets and stuff for me to use at the apt. I have been sleeping better since I got my bedding! So Thank You Mommy!!!!
Melissa ~ Thank You for the package! I got it as soon and got into Flordia. It has been helping me sleep much better. Please tell HayHay (Hailey; Melissa's daughters nickname) that I've been sleeping with my kitty cat every night, and reminds me to pray for all my family. Oh and thank Landon for the candy. I carry a couple in my bag and have a couple through out the day. It always reminds me of all the support I have back home :)
3. No not yet. :( were getting the car tomorrow hopefully I can get all the supplies then.
4. This week we only had 2 family dinners. :(  I think this week we'll be getting dinners more often. We have at least 3 or 4 a week I think. So any recipe's would be great! Please send easy, fast, and cheap recipes. We do have a crock pot :D so some for that would be great. Please send the one for crapes? How long do I cook potatoes for? And how long do I boil chicken?

I will have to write you about my first week and companion maybe later today, or by letter depending on our appointment's today. Sorry ran out of time; I have to met with someone at 2:30. Love you guys! So much!!!  I also wrote Dad. Sorry I'm so slow at typing; more to come! If you don't get another email by tonight look out for a letter coming in the mail.


Sister Sharon,                                                                                    Nov. 12, 2012
I thought that I had better get on this morning and get you a letter done. With Matt and Melissa and the kids they have kept me busy. I sent you a picture of Melissa I hope that I did it right. 
We have a few questions?
1- What is your address that you are living at, and the zip code to find out where you are at on google? (Ursula said we could send letters to your address and packages should go to the mission home.)
2- Did you get your bike and bedding? (Dad told me to ask you.)
3- Got your Emergancy Pack done?
4- Do people invite you over for dinner? Or do you do most of your own cooking? Do you need any recipes?
LOVE ~ Mom

hey family, 

i know daddy; i wish i would've got to talk with you too. i should have just called you again later. I'm so sorry!! but it was getting late and i didn't want to be talking past lights out at the mission president's house. lol. Yeah, i never figured out why my calling card didn't work. one of the elders said his didn't work on land lines either, but i tried mom's cell too and it still didn't work. but i'm glad i got to at least hear your voice and i'm glad you got to listen to my voice mail. but Christmas is coming up soon. I'll get to call you then :) and talk for at least a half hour. 

Sounds like you had a REALLY busy week! pretty much sounds like you, you never stop, you've always been that way; go go go!  i guess that what happens when you work on a farm? and have to walk up hill in the snow both ways to school. :)  just teasing you but i do want to thank you for always being such an amazing example for me. You're such a hard worker! that's one of the many things you taught me was a good work ethic. 

I'm trying really hard to do the best, I'm trying to do all i can! and be a good example! i know that people see my black name badge and they know who i am and who i represent . I'm just trying to do bring others unto him and at same time make you guys proud. I'm really trying my best! you and mom are just the best examples. i want and hope i can be half as good as you when i grow up. i love you guys so much! and I've been having a really hard time these last couple days. just wondering what am i doing here? what did i get myself into? am i doing a good job?  it's hard being a missionary! i miss you guys and home.  i don't always feel like i belong here. some times i feel lost where i'm at. did you ever feel like that when you were on your mission? and if so what did you do? i keep trying to remember my purpose and what I'm doing here. but it doesn't always stop the tears. any advice? I'm trying to wrap myself in the work and that has helped a lot but its still hard. i want to guys to know that i love you! and i love this gospel. and i know it's the reason i have such happiness in my life and i can't wait to see it change someone's life for the better. 

mom wrote me a long email with tons of question so i need to go answer them before my time runs out. so I'll write more in this next letter,  love you guys!!!! and keep the letters and emails coming. 

sister andersen

*We think her "P Day" might have changed to Tuesday. :) It sounds like she might need a little reassurance that she is where she should be and if anyone would like to share with her what they did when they were on missions and home sick I think that would help!~ THANKS! ~ 

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