Monday, November 26, 2012

Letter #5

Dear Family!!

Sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving! That make me happy. :)
My only wish is that I could have been there, but I know I'm here for
a reason! My Thanksgiving Day was great also! We went to eat at 
President Conclor's house. They had 4-7 sets of missionaries there which
really helped me! Having the opportunity to be around people that are going through the same
thing I was; being far away from family really helped. Just the fact that we were
all feeling the same thing; and that I knew I wasn't alone was comforting.
Don't get me wrong,  I missed mom's cooking A LOT! :( Her rolls and yams to be specific.
The cooking and company was good... but it just wasn't the same. I had been 
praying the night before that I would have the strength and ability to
have a good time and not cry or get emotional when we went for Thanksgiving.
I didn't want anyone to feel bad for me or anything. I'm am
very happy to say that I had a good time! I didn't cry at all!! (or at
least not at their house) I had a really good time. They really made
us comfortable and feel like a family... My companion and I were one of the last to 
arrive. It was so funny; all the Elders were just sitting around talking,
and the first thing my companion and I did (after we greeted everyone of course)
was ask if we could help. They put us to work! It made me
feel right at home! L.O.L. (L.O.L. =Laughing out Loud)  We helped finish up the meal, they keep
saying how sorry they were for putting us to work. I had to keep
reminding them I'd be doing the same thing if I was at home so it was no big deal! :) 
Right Mom? We also went around the table and said what we were thankful for
just like we usually do at home! I said that I was thankful that I was a mission. 
I keep trying to tell myself that. I'm so thankful that i have the ability to focus myself 24/7 
on serving my savior and doing his work. Also that for this short time in my 
life this is all I have to worry about. I get to leave all my other worries at home! 
I have had kinda of a hard week because it is holiday season. It REALLY is hard being 
away from family. I'm really trying to remember what the real meaning is!
And try to remember what I really need to be focused on.

So after we did that we when went outside and played croquet. It was really
fun... I was even beating most of the Elders, which they really didn't
like! L.O.L. Nothing really exciting happened for the rest of the week.
We are teaching two people right now. Miss Mary and Diane. It is going
great, we meet with Mary on Wednesday, hopefully we will be setting a
baptismal date. We just started teaching Diane, some time this
week we'll be going over the second lesson. That is very exciting.
I guess I will try to answer some of your question's since I have some
more time :)

Lots of dinner appointments? We get feed on average 2-4 times a
week. Our ward has 2 sets of missionaries so only half of the ward can
feed us. That makes it kinda tough, not to mention that my companion has 
gluten allergies. Sadly, that scares people off too!! :( but no worries I have enough food.)
Often the member's send us home with food. One lady in our apartment 
has given us food at least 3 time since I've been here. She also gave us a gift card! :)  
I haven't ran out of money yet. I'll keep you updated. Mom ~ send some crock pot recipes please...
through email is fine! I just have to make sure I have coins on me. (10 cent a page to print)

Is your bike working OK? The bike is great! I only have to ride it
every other week. We share a car with the Elders; but that is not the
case everywhere. Some places our car is too full. :) The bike is great
here. There is even someone in our ward who owns a bike shop. They
look over our bikes from him to time.

Are you keeping it locked up?  Yes Dad I'm keeping it looked up! I'm
being very safe and I'm even wearing my helmet :)

How is the weather? The weather is great. Everyone tells me I came at
the perfect time. Other people that come just this time of the year;
"snow bird" is what they call them... It feels like pretty close to
home. Not to hot yet. The only thing is that it can get cold at nights.
I might need you to send me one of my sweaters.  I really only brought
big jackets and cardigans; but i will let you know.

Are you sleeping better? I am sleeping better! The only thing is
some nights I just keeping waking up at 2 or 4 and then I am not
able to go back to sleep. However, I am falling asleep fine. :)

Well... my time is running out! I love you guys!!! And I LOVE all the
letters from family. Please keep them coming!! Melissa, Crystal, and
Tiffany start checking your mail! I am going to TRY to write you a letter
today and/ or during the rest of the week. I love you guys so much!!
Please also keep me in your prayers!!!! Keep me updated on what is 
going on with you too! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sister Sharon Andersen

P.S. Did you get my flash drive??? Or did you find my phone charger???

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