Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter # 6

Family ~
It sounds like you and mom really enjoyed having Katelyn over :) and that
she kept mom REALLY busy lol.  i guess everyone worried about mom
being all alone with no kids in the house... that she won't know what to
do with her self. lol. how is it, mom? having no kids?.... but i guess
Preston will be coming home soon right? so enjoy it when you can!! i
haven't heard from him yet (can you please send him my address and
ask him to write, i want to know how he doing) :(  what's the scoop on
him? how's school going? are finals soon? when is his semester over?
Melissa said something about him coming home the 15th i thought? i asked
Melissa too; but i just wanted to remind you to keep me informed on
when he puts in his papers and please record and sent it to me :D

can't believe Sister Alconcel is having her baby already? but i
guess now that i think about it she was pretty big when i left lol. so
you'll have to let me know when she has the baby. and please give Evie
hug and kisses from me :) and everyone is welcome to sleeping in my
room (i don't understand it either? why everyone likes my room???)  just
make sure she doesn't walk off with my shoes ;)  so speaking of babies!
cant believe Melissa having A GIRL!!!! i totally called it! i knew it.
please remind her i want a picture of the ultra sound. so get a lot of
copies please :)

I'm so glad you got my flash drive! i was so worried you guys didn't
get it. there was a postage due?? next time do i need to send it
different? is it not ok in a regular letter? idk?? just let me know
what i should do next time. yeah, the pictures were all mixed up, i
don't really know why??? yes, dad, the girl with crazy hair and tattoos is
Madi's sister Cami :) and i thought i explained some of the pictures in
case Melissa wanted to put them up. there the map pictures, the one
with me, the ginger elder lol -- we were the only ones in our district going
to Florida. he is the elder mom talked to on the phone for a sec; we became good
friends :)  the one with everyone in front of the map is my mtc
district....and the random one with all the elder (in pink ties) is
our wear pink tie day :) we would have a theme or color everyday and
everyone would wear it; which was really fun and that was "on Wednesday
we wear pink" (name that movie??)
and than there's a lot of me and sister Brownell. some from our temple
walk on Sunday. we tried to take a picture each day but didn't always.
if any questions about them, i'll explain more.

yeah, i got to watch the First Presidency Christmas devotional last
night :) we had problem here too, weird?  someone ending up hooking up
their laptop. it wasn't the surround sound i was hoping for but it was
still really good. we didn't really have a good turn out. it was mostly
just the missionaries.  one of our investigators came though :) Mary, she
really enjoyed it. i told you a little about her last letter i think.
she a older lady maybe in her 60's, very sweet. she is our only
progressing investigator right now; meaning we meet with her 3-4
times a week and she is keeping her commitments. we're working with her on
setting a date to be baptized. the sisters that were here before got
really close but her sister is VERY against it.

But this month there was a really cool experience. this fast Sunday our
WHOLE mission did a fast together for each companionship to have one
baptism before Christmas. it's kinda our focus right now; we want it
before Christmas as a gift. to bring one of our brothers or sisters
into the fold. which i think is really neat and i'm very excited
about. this week has been ok. we have some really good days and a
couple bad days. my comp keeps telling me it gets better and easier. i
hope she's right! but i'm doing a lot better. i'm really trying to
focus on that quote that mom sent me. to forget myself and wrap
myself in the work and Melissa send me an email last week that really
helped too :) but it's still hard...

mom was asking if there's anything i need, all i need right now is the
knowledge that you guys are there for me and are supporting me...
that's it!!!  but it wouldn't hurt maybe a handwritten letter from mom
and dad i haven't got one yet :(  it would be nice throughout the week to
have something from you guys i can read over. oh and ideas of what you
want for Christmas. i wanted to send a little something but don't know
what to get you guys??? ideas please..and mom who did i have this year
for Christmas? you said you were going to buy it for me, right? and just
take the money out of my account?? let me know i don't want to drop the
ball on that or anything :) oh and dad how do i pay my half of the
monthly mission fee? can i do that from here? or are you just taking
it out of my account?? i don't really remember if we talked about it or
not? i just wanted to check. please let me know what/if i have to do
anything :)

i'm so jealous; i wish it was raining here. it's still nice and hot here
so it really doesn't feel like Christmas. i mean there are lights on all
the palm trees; but i don't feel it yet. but that reminds me. mom, could you
possibly send my mimi tree and picture of Christ and maybe some
lights? i'd love to do something in our apartment to make it feel more
like Christmas :) or maybe just some pictures, idk?? well i'm running
out of time so i must end but i love you guys so much!!!!! and can't
wait to hear more from you please keep the letters coming and i want
Christmas cards:)!!!! and tell Carly to write me please. i haven't heard
from her since i got to Florida. i'm a little worried; i'm going to try
to write her today but i'm still finishing up Tianni's letter and
Crystal i wrote you back the other day -- should be coming any day :)

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