Monday, January 28, 2013

Letter #13

Dear Family, 
It's official! I am getting a new trainy :/ I'll be training this
transfer! Tomorrow we are going to pick up the new sisters! We have to
leave at 5:45 a.m. to get to Tampa in time.(not excited about that part,
cause I will be losing 1 & 1/2 hour of sleep) However, I'm excited to get a new companion!! :) So I will be staying at the same place and my current companion Sister Williamson is going down south with her new trainy. We are still working out the apartment situation; which is kinda stressing me out. Right now we are going to be doing a "sleep over" with WITH ALL 4 OF US. Which honestly, I am not excited about. First of all; there 4 of us and only 2 bathrooms :( So now we have to share; and I have a hard
enough time getting ready as is. I usually finish just on time, only
about half the time do I have time to pour myself a bowl of cereal.
Second of all; there is only 2 beds. I don't know how that is going to
work out. Sister Williamson volunteered herself and her new companion
to sleep on the floor... and I honestly feel for those new sisters
coming out. I don't want the new sisters coming into a situation like
this, because I know what there feeling. Just 12 weeks ago I was them. 
I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. It's a total new world;
"MISSIONARY LIFE". It is LONG long tyring days, with non stop working, and
no sleep! :) And honestly, I was really looking forward to moving away
from Sister Williamson. That sounds bad, I guess you could say. I'm
really ready for a new companion. This last week I've just been reminding
myself... "It's only one more week... It's only one more week..." and then this happens. I am going to have to live with her longer :/
I'm trying to look at the bright side and enjoy the work, but it is
not always easy. Your companion makes a big difference. Was it like
that way for you daddy? Was it easier with some companion's? Was there
ones you got alone with better?? It made me kinda sad at the
specialized training conference you see all the other sisters with their
companions and they are having good time, and getting along! I don't feel
that with Sister Williamson. I don't feel connected with her or that she
understands me at all. I'm just hoping and praying that my next
companion and i get along well, and work well together. It is hard because I usually get along with everyone!!?? I don't understand why it's been such a
struggle. I think I am a pretty easy person to get along with... Aren't I?
IDK? (=I don't know) I know the Lord has a plan. I am just going to put my trust in him, and know that he not going to give me more than I can take.

Honestly, it has gotten a lot better, and we've gotten to know each
other more. There been a couple of days that have been good but for
the most part I've just been counting down the days till transfers.
Well that enough on that. I'm excited for all the changes happening :)
All the new sisters coming out. The work is moving forward. The Lord is
really preparing people. As President Summerhay says all the time "He
hasten his work" with sisters. I can feel a change coming with all the
new missionaries coming out and with the age change. It will definitely be an exciting time to be a missionary :)

So Preston's paper were put on hold??? He has to lose weight??
What???!!! Did you send them in and they got sent back? Or President
Treadway couldn't send them in at all? So how much weight does he have
to lose? Keep me updated about when you finally get them in OK? :) I'm
so excited for you Ton! He is going to be a great missionary, I can feel
it! I am already thinking and guessing about where he is going... I keep
having a feeling he is going Spanish speaking. I don't know why...? 
Honestly... I would love for him to come to Tampa Florida!! :D Keep me
updated on him, and I want to see a picture of his girlfriend :) Crystal
I'll be trying to write you this week. Please keep me updated on your
job, you and Kevin, how school is going, all the gossip in the Single's
Ward;) and whatever else is going on. Mommy please send me a picture of
my room. I am a little worried it is already boxed up :(
Well... I am running out of time; so I have got to go! 

Sister Sharon Andersen

Did you get your GPS?- yeah i got my package tuesday after we checked
our emails :) Thank You Mommy!! Is it helping? Yes, it is helping and
will be very helpful because starting Wednesday I'll have to know where
i'm going :/

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