Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter # 14

Dear family!

This week has been CRAZY! BUT good; always good. I love my new companion btw:) (=by the way) She is amazing, and we just clicked from day one! We are laughing, joking, telling stories, and talking about our families; and almost peeing out pants (I mean skirts lol.) But then we are serious when we need to be. We are a lot alike, and have the same sense of humor. It has really helped. Honestly; I am starting to feel more like myself again:) 
Not to talk bad about Sister Williamson; because I grew to love her.
I just honestly don't think she understood me, and I didn't feel like I could be myself with her. However, I am really happy now! I'm starting to love the people, and the work more. So anyways... stuff about my new companion... Her name is Sister Westberg, she is 20 years old, she is from Utah (don't told it against her ;) and she is really sweet. So you got the pictures? Sweet!! :) 
Bishop's wife; Sister Lindsay sent those to you. (she has two kids on missions and someone did that for her daughter and she really liked it) that way you did not have to wait until Monday to see the pictures. And it is a good thing because I forgot to bring my cord again, Sorry! I'm going to try to print some pictures today at Wal-mart to send to everyone :)

THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY EMAILS, CARDS, and PRESENTS :D!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Smith for my sassy new pink watch, and for a little play money :) I think I tell you this every time, but you pick out the best cards! :) Maybe it is a Grandma thing or it must run in the family, because my mom makes/picks out the best cards too. Thank You family for my package :) I got it the day before my birthday? I think... it was super heavy. Sorry Mom, I opened it the day before my birthday! I hope that is alright? I would have had to wait until 9 pm on my birthday otherwise. I'm glad I did because then I got to wear my NEW DRESS!! Which I loved by the way! Thank You Mommy and Daddy!!! (even though I am pretty sure daddy did not pick it out;) Way more of Mom's taste lol. I did take pictures, but again I forgot my cord :(
Sorry... Thank You for all the recipes too!! We ended up making
cupcakes so I could share with everyone. I'm planning on doing them in the mugs soon! Love the idea :D And I loved the card mom; Where did you get those? I did not think they made those in California? I also loved the puzzle Daddy :) That is what made me start really crying. It kinda worked out nice, I got all my crying done the night before; and we were so busy on my birthday that I kinda forgot until we got home that it was my special day. So I  did not have the chance to get too home sick.
So training has been going great! Now looking back I don't know what I was so worried about!? I love my new companion. We get along great, and are having fun along the way :) I was totally honest with her from the start telling her that I have only been out for 12 weeks. And letting her know that I don't know everything; not even close. I told her that we are going to learn together. She has been great; putting in her input, and helping to decide what we should
do. It has been a very good week we got 2 new investigators!! One of them was a referral from another set of missionaries; she is golden :) I was inviting her to be baptized and I could not even get through the whole question before she said yes. We are going to set a date with her on Wednesday! I am excited  My companion and I have been praying and we think she can be ready by the 22nd or 23rd! :))))) I'll for sure keep you updated on that. Her name is Jessica btw. (=by the way) 
Then we also started teaching one part-member family in our ward. She doesn't seem overly interested YET, but she will be :)
Sorry this letter is so short. I took too long writing President Summerhay's and explaining everything to my trainee  My next letter will be better. I am going to try to write a hand written letter this week (I feel like i say that every week). LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! AND THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! I love all you guys!!! Please keep the prayers, letters, cards, and support coming. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sister Sharon Andersen out!

P.S. Sorry if I didn't answer all the questions. Please number them and put them at the top of the next letter.

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