Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter #16

 THIS LAST WEEK WAS AWESOME!!! The highlight defiantly being Jessica getting baptized!! We had her baptism on Saturday :) It was a crazy, crazy day; luckily everything worked out. So I don't think i told you last week... (Because when we first meet with Jessica we set a date with her for February 23 to be baptized.) We later found out that stake conference was that Sunday and they don't usually do confirmations in stake conference. IDK?? (=I don't know) So we started freaking out! We decided to call the district leader to see if there was anything we could do. Sister Westberg and I felt impressed that was the day she could be ready. After talking with the Elders (who had the similar experiences and had to move there date back a week.) Sister Westberg and I were totally bummed thinking that there was nothing we could do :(  We started to think about moving it back; but we both just got sick to our stomach; that just didn't feel right! Not at all!!  So we both just got on our knees and we prayed and prayed about what we should do.  We had already prayed about it and felt like the 23rd was the correct day and moving it back another week didn't feel right so we were just stuck... and getting super discouraged. THEN, we both felt like we should move it up a week. (meaning we had one week to go through the rest of the lessons, and put a baptism together!) Once that thought came to both of our minds we knew!!! We just had to break the news to Jessica; which we were both really worried about ( I don't know why? Because she was so ready!)   We ended up doing a church tour (which is just taking investigators around the church building and showing all the beautiful artwork and explaining the background :) I guess these church tours have been very successful in our mission area. Anyways... we changed it around a little and ended the tour in the room with the baptismal font and we broke the news to Jessica. We  had to ask her if she thinks she could be really a week earlier....... and she was so EXCITED!!!!! She said "I don't have to wait an extra week?" and then she said she would love too!
 Sister Westburg and I were so thankful, we didn't want to wait any longer either. She was beyond ready, and she knew it too! So the baptism was totally last minute throw everything together! :/ On top of that the Elders (in our ward) did the same thing; so we did a joint baptism. On the day of the baptism for Jessica we spend all day at the church cleaning the building. We were trying to clean the baptismal font (it was so gross~ the water comes out green :/ but that is another story) And we also had to make a TON OF refreshments! (we texted 35+ people and no one could help us out; everyone that texted us back was out of town :( or busy) and Sister Westberg and I ended up making 100+ cookies that day! It was crazy! That is why my letter last week was so lame. I was worried about all the stuff we needed to get for her baptism... we did our best and it turned out great! She loved it all and couldn't stop smiling. We actually did a special musical number in it as well! All the missionaries from our zone sang I believe in Christ it was so neat :)  It was such a testimony builder for me! Once again the Lord will provided a way! We just need to always have faith and truth in him!
 Dang it, I am already out of time and didn't get to tell you all the other stuff that happened this week! Why does that always happen??? I'm really going to try to start writing you during the week because there is always more stuff I want to tell you, there is just never enough time and I am getting jewed 30 minutes because the Library is closing. The Library here closes at 7? Really? It is just because everyone is super old and they go to bed at like 4. LOL. (=Laugh out Loud)

 Sister Sharon Andersen

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