Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Letter #21

Dear Family!!
My week went a lot better! So much has happened in such a short
time, so i'll start with the highlights. Only because i'll never get to tell you all i want too :(
Yesterday we had a conference up in Tampa. We were able to hear from Elder Andersen! That's right no typo here, good old "Uncle Andersen" from the Quorum of the 12 came and talked to our whole mission! It was the best!! It is the reason why we did not email yesterday... (sorry I didn't tell you, it was kinda last minute) I guess they were dividing up the Tampa Stake so Sister Andersen (Elder Andersen wife, not me. Funny Story... He kept saying Sister Andersen when he was speaking/talking about his wife of course. It keep throwing me off. And the rest of my zone too! :D )
Anyways; she grew up in Tampa and LOVES IT HERE!!!! He was the Stake President in the Tampa Stake... and was planning on living here his whole life, before he got called to serve. It was pretty much the coolest thing, the love they have for our mission! Also the excitement they showed for the work going on here :) Sister Andersen talked a lot about her family that still lives here. Brother Andersen was so funny and personable (still scary ;) but he talked about how he probably assigned some of us here... because it is his favorite place :) He would say when a "special" picture came up he would be inspired, and think... this is a very special missionary so they need to go to a very special place :) I.E. the Tampa Florida Mission- from the mouth of my seves it is the same is all I have to say :)

I'm out.
~Sister Sharon Andersen

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