Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter #20

Anyways I can't focus now. I'm so excited and the tears are making it hard to type! :) This week has been crazy! And not in a good way. :( 
I better warn you; I’m going to repeat a lot from my last letter. Sadly not much has changed. Being in a trio is SUPER hard! Training in a trio is even harder. I hate saying that but I am having a really hard time. Last transfer I was just really nervous about training but then it came so easy, it was WAY easier. When Sister Westberg came out we talked everything through. I told her that I needed her involvement and help in every decision we make; because I am still learning. And we had so much fun learning TOGETHER.
Honestly, she was exactly what I needed after having Sister Williamson for a companion. I could totally be myself around her and she starting to understand me. She gets my jokes, and my sense of humor kinda! :) We laugh at each other a lot :)  I really learned more from her than I could ever teach her! She helped and is still helping me so much. I was very blessed to have her my first time training, my trainee came pre-trained. She was ready to work and was fully involved from day one. 
And with this transfer that just not really the case... I told Sister Godwin the same thing when she came in; that it did not matter that I've been out longer than her; we are equals. I wanted her to feel comfortable getting used to missionary work as soon a possible. She took what we said in a completely different way. I feel like she took it as "we don’t know anything". So from the beginning she just has an attitude like she knows it all already. I’m not a controlling or argumentative person AT ALL! But for some reason everything become a debate. Like she felt like she has to prove that she knows more. We have just been struggling how to go about training her without causing problems or yet another debate. It's just really killing the spirit. Any advice?? I'll take whatever you can give me because I can't keep going on like this...
And the 'cherry on the top' of this horrible week was we got DROPPED HARD from one of our progressing investigators. Probably the worst drop know to man-kind! I don't even know where to start...We all left crying; in tears, and that included the member that came with us. The investigator was yelling, and hitting himself with the Bible and the Book of Mormon (I might want to clarify; not hitting us; just himself) I don't know if I told you much about him; his name is Leon. He is 50 something, weighs about 300 pounds, and he is Haitian man that was yelling at us! It was scary to say the least. We keep trying to say we weren't there to argue; but then he would say we weren't arguing and continue to yell. It was pretty much the worst day ever!
Well now that I've been a total Debbie Dower lol...Not my best week on the mission field! It has been a pretty trying and hard week. ( On the bright side, we have gotten 4 new investigators this week!! So there is a positive :)  Next week is going to be good though; I can just feel it! I'm making the choice to be happy.
WELL DANG IT I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME... I hope you know I want pictures in the mail a.s.a.p! And I want to be kept up to date with how she doing... do you hear me Melissa??  That means you have to take a ton of pictures, AND WRITE BIG FAT LETTERS which shouldn't be to hard ;) She looks beautiful!!! Such a doll. I can't believe how tiny she is! :D  You were in the hospital for 10 days?? Are you kidding me, I want to hear the whole story! Once you put in on your blog you could just forward it to me please? LOVES IT!! I CANT WAIT TO HEAR AND SEE MORE PICTURES. I hope that everyone doing well! Sounds like it! Tell Hayhay (Hailey) and Landon to be good to mommy! And be good big brothers and sisters :)
Love you guys so much!!! I am so thankful for you guys!!! Please keep me in your prayers:) Actually mommy could you please put my name on the prayer list at the temple...?
Sister Sharon Andersen :)

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