Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter # 22

Dear family!!
I'm so glad you got my letter already :) I was worried you wouldn't get
it until after p-day... I felt so bad since my email wasn't very long
last week. And I didn't get to tell you half the things that I wanted
too :)  I feel like so much has happened that I haven't given you the
full scoop on...

Well, our Easter was great :) We ate at the Thompsons again (we went
there for Thanksgiving). He's in the mission presidency and loves us!!
His daughter just left on her mission to Spain. It was such a surreal
experience seeing her get ready to leave. It just seemed like it was
such a short time ago that I left to enter the MTC; time is going by
so fast. I think the best way to describe it is: "the days are long, but the
weeks are short". A couple people told me that before I entered the
mission -- can't remember who; but it's so true. You're busy all day teaching,
finding and serving :) that you're so tired by the end of the day. That's
why I haven't been writing a ton of letters because by the end of the day
I'm so tired but I want to start writing more letters because I love
getting them, so I'm going to try to write more.

Preston, you still haven't got your call!!!! I can't believe it has taken
this long; you must be going crazy? My guess is still somewhere out of
the United States Spanish speaking; I don't know why? But that's my
guess :) I can't find out. I think I'm as excited as Preston
to know :) Preston, I'm so proud of you :) You're going to be such a
great missionary and you're going to learn how to work hard. Keep me
updated on everything; i can't wait :)

Well I don't know if I've updated you on all our investigators lately. I
told you about Leon a couple weeks ago, i think?  We met him during
Christmas time and had been teaching him for a while and thought he
was going really well. We were meeting with him probably 2-4 times a
week and we thought he was really progressing but then out of nowhere...
he snapped, it was kinda scary!!! a 50 year old man yelling at
you! Not our highlight of the week. I don't know even where to
start...we were trying to set a date with him and then he just started
going off saying that we don't think the Bible enough and that we're asking
him to throw away his Bible and only read for the Book of Mormon...At
one point of the meeting, he was slapping himself with the Bible and
then the Book of Mormon. It was BAD!!! We were all in tears, because we
kept trying to tell him we weren't here to argue and he said we're not
arguing and continue to yell. So we were all trying to end on a good
note; but he wouldn't even let us bear our testimony . It was the worst
drop known to mankind :) And then last week...wait, maybe 2 weeks again
we got dropped from Rachel and Samantha and Eric (did I tell you about
them?) That's a long story maybe I'll start a handwritten letter and
tell you about that. But compared to Leon it was to look
at the bright side, but honestly we all had the feeling it really isn't
over, she just needs a little space to miss us. She'll want the spirit
back in her life again :) And, at worst, we planted a deep, deep seed,
that when she's ready maybe she'll accept our message.

It's not all bad news; we got a couple solid new progressing investigators
:)...Gary and Georgeann! They're awesome. We were going through our
area book and were looking at people that were taught by the
missionaries more than 2 years ago and seeing if they're interested in
learning more....or might like being taught by sister missionaries :)
(Sorry to say it, but there are just some houses sisters can get into
that elders can't; but I guess that goes both ways :) But anyways...we
just showed up to their house and she let us in and we're like best
friends already! I love her so much already! She's got some problems
we're working though but I think she's ready.. Well I'm out of time
again :( Like I said, the fastest 1 1/2 ever!  Well, I love you guys! And
I'm going to try to write some more letters (and pictures) this week :) 

~ Sister Sharon Andersen

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