Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter # 23 PLUS pictures

Dear Family!

I'm so excited Preston got his call !!! I can't believe that he
going to the same mission Grandpa Smith went to. That is so neat!!! Crazy? Wait a second... don't we have another cousin going to Texas as well? Are they going to the same mission? He leaves on May 22, to the M.T.C. How long is he staying at the M.T.C. for?? I only ask because I know they have shorten the stay for English missionaries to 12 days. (from 3 week to 12 days!!) We just had a Spanish Elder come out this transfer and I think he said he was only there for 6 weeks. I've heard that a couple people are being sent to the mission early if they know Spanish well enough... I think they'll make you take a class to see if your beginning, intermediate, or advanced? If you are in the advanced Spanish class you only stay for 2 weeks!! I knew he was going Spanish speaking!!! What did Preston say?  How excited is he? What does Grandpa think? So what all does he need?? Everything... please keep me updated I'm so excited for him :)

So are you going to be transferred? Do you know anything yet?  (she is answering a question either my mom asked) We can't wait to hear. Transfers aren't for another week :( President
Summerhay's has been hinting at it a little... I don't know if I told you about our ward being split?
Well I'll tell you anyways...Once upon a time our ward was huge and the missionaries couldn't get to everyone. This made the members really sad. It was about an hour drive from one end to the ward to the other end! So Sister Westberg and I said that this ward needed to be spit all transfer long... and then magically; one week we came to church and the ward got split.  THE END! So before the split there was 3 sets of missionaries in our ward. A set of Elders and 5 Sisters :) When the split was done, it made it so that both sets of Sisters are in the Naples Ward and the Elders we're all alone in the new ward. (the Vanderbelt Beach Ward) President said he likes having a set of Sisters and Elders in each ward. So he was "thinking" about sending me up North to the new ward and bringing a new Sister down to serve with me. :) That would mean that Sister Westberg will finish training Sister Godwin. I would be moving maybe 10 min. away. But I'll be in a new ward... or at least that's the plan for now, but we won't know for sure until next Saturday. SO don't hold off or worry about sending mail.  I'll still be in the
same address for the time being; or at least for a while. (We have been looking for a place for a while and have no luck.) Right now the plan is to share with the other Sisters. Which I'm honestly not super excited about. Don't get me wrong; I'm excited to see Sister Westberg still :) but 4 sisters to one apartment... It isn't my idea of fun!! Plus I will be 6 miles away from my area... the bike week is going to be fun :) I'm excited to get a new Sister though.

So I don't know if I told you on my last letter or not but we had
interviews with President and he said most likely I will be training for the rest of my mission. So I'll be the senior companion always. Which got me thinking... at the end of this transfer I will have been out for 6 months... That is a third of my whole mission! Time sure does fly, I mean I still feel like a "greeny". President has to keep
reminding me that I'm going to be one of the older Sisters out before
long... I think there are two Sisters that came out a transfer or so before me and the rest of the Sister are brand new or about to go home. Its crazy to think about! I want you guys to know how much I care and love you all!! Preston I'm so proud and excited for you! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! TILL WE MEET AGAIN :)

Sister Sharon Andersen
I am guessing; but I think this is who is in this pictures...
 Sister Williamson, Sister Westburg, SISTER ANDERSEN, and Sister Godwin
 Sister Westburg, New Sister, SISTER ANDERSEN, Sister Godwin, New Sister
New Sister, SISTER ANDERSEN, Sister Godwin, Sister Westburg, Investigators?, New Sister

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