Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter #25

Dear family!
Just a warning: like always; I am short on time... I had a couple of e-mail's I needed to respond back to. Hopefully I can answer every one's questions! :)

1. How is your new companion :) Her name is Sister Calder. She is 20 (she just turned 20 on Friday) and Yes; I grabbed that opportunity to make her cupcakes :)  She is from Saratoga Springs, Utah (just like everyone else here... everyone is from Utah; its just me and one other Elder that are from California.) We get along really well. ;) I really like her, she's really sweet!! I've just felt bad for her because it's been so crazy this week.

2. Do you have a new apartment yet?: We have not heard anything yet...we have a couple places we've applied for, and we are waiting to hear back from them. It would be great to get into a new place, because again it is 4 sisters in one tiny apartment. It feels like deja
vu. Oh Yeah ~ because it is! The Sister's with us are great. They are "whitewashing" aka opening an new area also. They are in the Spanish Branch. It is just really messy with every one's stuff every where. We also have to share the car with them. We have different schedules so its just been a little crazy. Such is "mission life" I have found that out...! Oh Yeah btw Sorry they have to keep calling to get my social, I am really trying to memorize it. I had it right but I was just second guessing myself. :)

I can't believe Preston is going through the temple! It is all happening so fast! Have you guys been helping him prepare? Are there any classes or anything? Or are you teaching him?? Please take tons of pictures!!! I wish I could be there:(  The day when all of us can go through the temple together as a family. I can't wait!!! That is my dream!!!

3.  DO YOU NEED ANYTHING? I thought of something little I could use... those little hymn book things. Not that there is any huge rush but that would be great to have. :) Also,  I have been trying to hold off on you sending me more clothes... But I might want some soon, now that I am a third done with my mission! :)

I'm so slow at typing! I'm Sorry Mommy, I will write you a handwritten letter to answer the rest of the questions because I am almost out of time :(
I'm doing pretty good. I just don't know what I am doing; but that is
nothing new! I am just like Nephi being lead by the spirit not knowing beforehand what I should do. I want you guys to know how much I love you!! And I appreciate all your love and support!! I love you so much and pray for you daily! 
~ Sister Andersen

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