Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter # 24

Dear Family,
 This has been a crazy and surprising week! I guess I will start off talking about transfers. :) Guess what?? I'm not leaving Naples, :D as far as I know I'll be staying in the same apartment for the next
3 weeks. (Until I move into our new place.) So don't worry about the mail. I'll keep you updated on when I moving and get you my new address ASAP. ( the Elders will be moving in after us so they can always give me the mail too.)

 So I'm moving up north about 10 miles. :) I'm in the Vanderbelt Beach Ward and I'll be training again. :) What a surprise!!! President said I'll probably be training the rest of my mission :/ crazy!  But seriously the shocking news is that Sister Westberg is leaving. :( Her and Sister Godwin are moving North; to a place called Highlands.
Apparently it almost as North as you can go without leaving the mission. It is 30-45 minutes from Orlando.  We we're all shocked!!
 President had been hinting for the last couple of weeks about transfers and then we get the call on Saturday and had no idea what was was going on.
So are you guys ready to get confused? . . . Here is the LONG super confusing story.
 So a couple of weeks ago President called, and told us we needed to divide up the new Vanderbelt Ward, and we needed to start looking for a new apartment. Pretty much get everything ready for the New Sister...
 So when the President asks you to do something; you get on it done!! So we talked about the area and divided it up and meet with the bishop and got everything figured out.
 So this last couple of weeks we've been looking for apartments. By the way; I never know how tiring and exhausting looking at apartments can be. Driving from place to place, taking tours, filling out paper work. Did I mention we're also looking for apartments not alone for me and my new trainee, we are also looking for the Vanderbelt Ward Elders and Sisters. ( since the ward got split, our apartment is in the worst area; at the bottom corner of the area.)
Then to top it all off; the Spanish Elders we're waiting for us to move out because they wanted our place- apparently we are keeping our place
better :) weird?  It works for the Spanish Elders bounties/area.
 So last transfer remember when all four of us shared a place- it was super crowed and the Sisters couldn't unpack... So the Spanish Elders felt bad for us living 4 sisters in a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom place. Two sisters have been sleeping on the couches, and it is a mad rush to the showers in the morning. So they offered to move out of their place so the sisters could move in. (they did not like where they were living anyways; for them it was to far South, and it was away from all the Spanish Members.) It was prefect for the Sister's because that is where they wanted to be. So Sister Williamson and her trainee Sister Larbee moved into that place. So the Spanish Elders have been staying with the Haitian Elders for a transfer and a half waiting for us to move. That's not even the whole story... how confused are you?
 Well add on transfers with Spanish Sisters moving down here, and other Elders taking over our area, and me and my trainee moving up north
and that's been what I've been dealing with this last week... I'm going a little crazy!!
I'll hand write a letter and explain more... I'm out of time LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  P.S. Carly I got your letter:) I'm writing you back, but with transfers it might take a little longer than usual... but I am working on it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! LOVE YA GIRLY :)

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