Monday, May 13, 2013

Letter # 28

Dear Family!!
 IT WAS SO GOOD SEEING EVERYONE :)  I loved talking with everyone and being able to see everyone once we finally got it working... It put me at ease that nobody has changed a ton (the only one I'm worried about is Kylie she's going to be so BIG when I get home) but she looked so cute! I loved her outfit, please remind Melissa I want more  pictures! Well actually that can go for everyone! I want updated pictures of everyone:) Wait Kim too! She looks so mature now! (in a good way of course) she getting so big and is going into High School I can't believe it.
Well MOMMY; I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD MOTHER'S DAY!! I hope you'll get my letter soon, and your mother day present looks awesome!! The kitchen looks great :) and my room looks good (not that i doubted you anyways...) I HAD to get my style from somewhere... sounds like they took pretty good care of you :)
 That's his Mormon message right? Yeah I've seen it:) It's great! I love the Summerhays!! They are great! :). Did you know they were actually called to go on a proselyting mission and then got called last minute to be mission president? I think they were called to... Scotland? Which is really cool :) I love all the senior couples! They are the best Mission Mom's and Dad's :) I am planning on going on many more missions when I am older. Mommy and Daddy are you planning on serving a mission together? You would be the best missionaries! You have taught me everything that I know!!
Being out on my mission... has made me realized how much I was taught! (even from such a young age) Also, how much I have taken for granted. I have an amazing life!!! I have a family that love and support me! I have the gospel; which is such a huge part of me! I love being Mormon! In High School I just wanted to fit in with everyone; I didn't want to be different, but now I love that I am different... that I have different values, beliefs, and standards. I get to share all that with other people:) I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father! I know that he loves me, and has a plan for me! I'm so blessed to have the knowledge I do, because not everyone does. That's what breaks my heart ~ when people are so closed off and don't want to hear anything we have to share. They think they are happy where they are at...
That is why I'm so thankful for this time in my life that I get to be on a mission and serve. In no way I am saying it's easy... because it's not! But It's so worth it :) It is hard being away for everyone and missing huge events, but I know there is a reason why I'm here. I love trying to figure that out everyday; figuring out why the Lord  put me where he did :) I see his hand in my life everyday... I feel his protection over me, and I know he is watching over all of us. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I am so thankful for you! :)  Please keep me in your prayers always!
~ Sister Sharon Andersen

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