Friday, July 19, 2013

Letter #37

Hey family!!

This is the first letter from Brooksville FL!!! It feels so weird not being in Naples, but I’m starting to love it. I think....or least I’m trying to . But I think I’ll always love Naples.  Being there for so long. You get to know everyone so well...I still can’t believe I served there for almost half my mission. I think Naples will always have my heart :) (btw, on the 17 of this month, I’ll hit my half way mark..Which is so crazy!!! I can’t believe how time flies. The next big mile marker….. is 1 year...which I don’t want to think about!)

Anyways …Brooksville is great! It’s so beautiful.  But we're actually serving and living in the Spring Hill area, which is a little more city compared to Brooksville haha.  The area reminds me a lot of Preston, ID..... It’s so small town and so Country. I mean there were members in our ward wearing snake skin boots and huge belt buckles :)..... If I stay in this area long enough, I may ask mom to send my cowgirl boots :)

But the ward is great. Very different from Naples. In Naples it was a lot of students and young families...But here it’s a lot of older people…which isn’t bad. But I’ve only heard great things about this town J . I’ve been told we have the best bishop and ward missionary leader in the WHOLE MISSION :) We had dinner with this past week at his house and he keeps up to date with all the people we're teaching and working with and is there to help with whatever we're in need of :) And every Tuesday, members from the ward… come on visits with us. We go and visit our investigators and returning members. Still have no idea where anything is…. I’m starting to meet more people. And get used to everything. Hopefully I’ll have more to report next week. I’ve just been meeting people and everything

So my new companion- Sister Ochsenbien! Still learning to say it right :) She is 20 years old. She's been out for about 4 months and has served in Brooksville the whole time...(and she keeps telling me she’s been getting the impression that this is her last transfer in this area too, don’t know how I feel about that yet haha ) . But she was born near Bear Lake, Idaho and then moved and grew up in West Jordan, Utah. She’s the oldest in her family. She also has 6 siblings, 4 sisters and 1 brother and her sister is also on a mission ...and guess where? Houston Texas, Spanish this a small world or what! :)  I’m not sure if I told you in the last letter but she was actually in one of the clips for that worldwide broadcast…. she was wearing a red dress i think with platinum blonde hair  ( I took pictures so you could get an idea of what she looks like and cause I know mommy loves pictures.....but i can't email them at our complex; but i'm trying to figure something out) since everyone loves the pictures so much :)

So as of now, I'm doing pretty good :) I feel very out of my comfort zone; I didn't realize how hard moving to another area would be...I've been told the first one the worst though and then i guess you kinda get more used to it...i just hope that i die here (only in mission lingo obviously hahahaha )  I've also realized I'm very bad with change! It actually stresses me out a lot :( But I'm excited to serve and work with more people. :)  (even though I miss everyone in Naples :) The elders in our district and ward aren't as good either ;) But I guess that will come with time, maybe.  Well sadly, I'm running out of time :(  I love you guys so much!!! and think and pray about you always
 I love you!!!
God be with you till we meet again

Sister Sharon Andersen :)

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