Monday, September 9, 2013

Letter #45

Dear Family!!
The days are long on a mission :) I get home exhausted at the end of the day. I have never felt so tired in all my life :/ ........ by the time Sunday comes around is when it really hits you; because your sitting down for 3 hours and your falling asleep in class. hahaha. P-day is always MUSH needed... this week has felt extra long and we were totally thrown off because we had p-day on Tuesday. We have been really confused about what day it was. hahaha. One thing I do absolutely love about the mission is how organized it is... and makes you. You are on such a schedule that you become very organized. I am going to be honest here; I'm still a "hott mess" but more organized. hahaha. I can see that the Lord's church is a house of order. I want my house to be just like that.  This week we had Stake Conference! I love Stake Conference gets me ready for General Conference! And General Conference on a mission is the best!!! I always enjoyed conference growing up, mostly because mom and daddy put a LOT  of effort to make it fun. Thank you mommy and daddy for all you do!!! (I could never thank them enough for all they do) I do still miss Conference Bingo though :( hahaha.  I don't feel like I have ever gotten more out of Conference than on my mission! Being able to teach people about this church has helped me fall more and more in love with it!! :) Just like I said last week I'm not just converting and bringing others to Christ, I'm also converting myself :) This gospel is so true and it just makes sense!!!

I heard a story about how someone was telling their investigators about General Conference coming up and explaining that our prophet was going to speak to the whole world. They explained that it was worldwide broadcast; for anyone to watch. So the little boy they were teaching go so excited and couldn't believe that the Lord was going to speak to the whole world through one of his servants; the prophet of the church. If you really think about it... How lucky are we ? :0 Every 6 months we have a living prophet that talks and teaches us what we need for our day. It's pretty much the coolest thing ever :) The Lord loves us so much, and he wants to help us in any way possible.
Anyways... back to Stake Conference. hahaha. It was so good!! I love being an adult now and getting to go to the extra sessions of conference. (still cant believe I'm considered a adult hahha) It was so awesome the whole Conference was all about missionary work !!!! And I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!  Duh that's what I do all day everyday. It's just to neat seeing the work progress. The Lord is definitely  hastening his work for a reason. We are in the Latter Day's! :) We are preparing to meet our maker and It's our responsibility and privilege to share the gospel with EVERYONE  around us. We covenanted  to do that when we were baptized. We promised to be a   " witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places" (Mosiah 18:9) 
Well I'm again, like always short on time. Maybe once I'll get all the way done before I have to get off. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! Thank you for all you do :) I love you guys so much!! :) God be with you till we meet again :) 
Love, Sister Sharon Andersen 

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