Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter # 46

Dear Family!
So... It's transfer time already! I can't believe how time flies! So the news is...
I'm staying in Brooksville AND I am training again!! :/  I  kinda can't believe it. President Summerhays told me I'd be training the rest of my mission; but then I got assigned to another area with Sister O so I though maybe that be just while he was president. Then President Cusick said that would probably going to be the case. So... I'm excited, but also nervous. It's weird because it has been a couple transfers since I've trained. I think I feel a little rusty! hahhah. However, I am also excited. "Greeny Fire" is always good :) It is great to see the excitement of new missionaries :)
Sister O and I are kinda bummed though. We had kinda figured that since she's been in Brooksville for about 6 month now, and she always says we have WAY TO MUCH FUN TOGETHER so they are not going to keep us together much longer... and she was right! :(  Transfers are a little different with President Cusick; now we do not know where you are going, or who your new companion will be. It is all a big surprise so it's kinda nerve racking! Sister O had been freaking out all weekend. The last couple of days have been a ton of goodbyes :(
I just hope to make an impact on this area, and that people are sad to see me leave too. I kinda took all my time sending pictures, hahaha So I am already out of time :( Sorry for the short email.  I love you guys so much!!! Mommy~ I'll start thinking of Christmas presents. I just don't really need anything right now. Let me know once you draw names! Daddy~ I love how mission minded you've become. I bet the missionaries love it. Great job being a member missionary :) I Love you guys!!! God be with you till we meet again! :)
Love, Sister Sharon Andersen

ENJOY the Pictures ~ 

 Care Package sent by the Bird Family for her "Hump Day".
 It was a little box of Sunshine to brighten her day, all little yellow gifts!!
This is a picture of her wearing the yellow headband and painting her finger nails yellow!!
 This is a care package from the Ray Family for her Hump Day!
 Sister O and Sister Andersen looking cute!
 NOW jumping up on the bed because they are so happy it is Sister Andersen's "half birthday"!!
 Sister O and Sister Andersen looking ADORABLE in the car on the way to the Baseball Game!
 Sister A and Sister O at the Ray's Baseball game!!
 SIster Westburg and Sister Andersen at the game!! She was SO happy to see her!!
 Sister O and Sister A on their way to a Baptist church. They told an investigator they would go to her church if she went to their church!
 Sister Andersen holding a turtle. She says they are ALL over the place!!
(can you tell she it TOTALLY freaking out about holding it!)
 This is Sister A and Brother Popaloto. She says he feeds them every time they visit him, and he always tries to "hit on them" (as in flirt with them)
 Sister A, Sister O and Brother Popaloto.
 Another visit Sister A and Brother Popaloto.
 Sister O, Brother Popaloto and Sister A.
 Sister A and Sister O trying to stay positive... this picture was taken after their ride to get ready for the baptism ran out of gas. She said they had to call the Elders to go an fill the font for them...
 But obviously it was fine because the Baptism still happened...
 The Elders, the Sisters, and Family and Friends of Kyler at his Baptism.
Sister Anderson, Sister Andersen (the missionary), Brother Anderson, and Sister O. 
She say's that they are great people! :) He does "Santa Appearances" she said. They are teaching them the lessons right now. He was able to take them to see the Weeki Wachee Mermaids... see pictures below... 
 at Weeki Wachee Mermaids... haha
 What a beautiful place to go and visit!!
 Sister Andersen sure makes a beautiful Mermaid!!
 Sister Andersen, Hannah and Grace, and Sister O. 
(she said sorry it was fuzzy)
 Sister Andersen holding a gift that a mission friend sent her. 
A PINK tool Kit! The Perfect Gift for a Sister Missionary!! 

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