Monday, September 30, 2013

Letter #48

Dear Family!
We had an awesome week! Sister Kitchen is such a huge help, and is making the work FUN :) She is always down for whatever... and she makes it a good time. We are missionaries, and we are offering and teaching people about the Plan of Happiness SO we need to be happy! We have the knowledge of the beautiful plan! :0 This week has been really exciting . The work is defiantly hastening :) We are getting busier and busier :) I love it when our plans are full and we are running from appointment to appointment :)
We are working a lot with less active and returning members. We are helping them get solid in their testimony and conversion :) We have been helping a lot of people prepare for the temple. This is probably my favorite thing to do :) I love the temple! I miss it everyday. That is the first thing I want to do when I get home; go through the temple! So family; will you please go for me and enjoy it since there isn't a temple in my mission :( Also can you commit to go at least 1 a month? Mom has always been the best example of that by going every week. I hope to keep that tradition going with you mommy when I get home too! :)
So this week we had a conference with our area 70; Elder Tye. It was so great! I love getting together with other missionaries and getting to feel the spirit we all hold... there is no greater feeling :)

I love this work, and love to hear that people are catching the wave and spirit of missionary work! This is the Lord's work :) I know and can testify of that. Sometime's you may feel like your not making a difference, but if we are trying the Lord will concert our effect. (not sure what she was trying to say at the end of the sentence here; sorry) Did everyone listen to the Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday? It was so good! We need to remember our baptismal covenant!!! We promised the Lord so much! We are going to be judged accordingly. We need to feed him sheep! We need to find those lost ones and bring them back to the fold! Trust me; there is so much work to be done. We can always do so much more with the help of the members. I love that you are feeding the missionaries! That is so great; now you need to work on giving them families to teach! Member referrals are the best!! Mom and Dad, actually everyone... You need to pray and ask for help in doing his work. Pray for names to come to mind of people that are prepared, for missionary experiences... I know first hand sometimes that it hard to do.. but it is so worth it! Open your heart and your mouth!! Share the gospel with those around you. I just love the promise from the Hasten the Work Broadcast!
If it is all out of the Pure Love of Christ, we can not go wrong. I love you guys so much!! I am so excited and love to hear how great you guys are doing :) I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! AND MISS AND PRAY FOR YOU DAILY!!  God be with you till we meet again :) Love You!!
Sister Sharon Andersen
P.S.  I thought of a few things if you haven't sent that package off for Christmas. 
First of all; new clothes or some of mine. I am beyond sick of my clothes!!! Please send me some colorful things that will go with multiple things? 
Second of all; Stamps :) some cute ones preferably :) 
Third of all; snacks and cookie butter :) Sister Kitchen made me try it, and it is amazing. I'm kinda addicted haha. Well love you guys :)

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