Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mission Pictures!!~~

Sister Andersen saved up some of her Library time to send some pictures! ENJOY!
The last picture with Sister O. (who by the way is now with Sister Calder; my last companion)
 Sister Kitchen and Sister Andersen enjoying some cupcakes at Babycakes.
 (Cookie Dough Explosion and P.M.S. were the names of some of the cupcakes here)
 taking a picture with a random picture frame we found...
 Sister Kitchen and Sister Andersen~ after church shots...
 Sister Kitchen and Sister Andersen ~ I am short!
Putting together the bike...
No Elders Required!! And I finally got to use my Pink Tool Set!!:) THANK YOU Elder Rowan!!! :) I actually knew what I was doing! :)
 you would think it was St. Patrick's day! Nope it's greenie day :) We made everything we could green :) 
gotta get that picture with my new companion by the Brooksville sign!
LOVIN' it here!
We went out to eat at "Sheak and Shake" Sister Kitchen is a bad influence on my sweet tooth!
We went shopping on P-day!! I miss... scratch that... my feet CRAVE heals! hahaha!
Sister Kitchen says she is a GIANT with heals and she does not own a pair!!
Here we are on Sister K's first P-Day...
We went hunting for gators in the rain!!
We may have gotten a little wet!!
Beautiful views though!!
We got trapped on the way home... first by a fallen tree and then by a lake in the road...
seriously... see what I was saying? Sister K in the road lake!
haha! We liked this!
We went to another Cupcake Place... Cupcake Heaven!! YUMMMMM!
And we decorated out apartment for Halloween already!

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