Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter #53

Dear Family! 
I loved all the pictures!! :) It sounds like Mom and Dad had a great Anniversary! :) Daddy, your email made me hungry! haha I also love the picture of your tie :) and that you wore it. I think I gave it to you for your birthday.... I am always glad to hear you are doing well :) 

My week has been an interesting one! haha I mentioned in the last letter that we ran out of miles and money, so we have  been making do! Honestly it is fun! I am trying really hard this week to say organized and mange better.  We were on our bikes pretty much all this week, you really feel like a missionary "on bike"! However, OH MY... I forgot how hard and EXHAUSTING it is! I think it's harder in Spring Hill than in Naples! (because Spring Hills has LOTS of hills!! Naples was pretty much flat) We are going to have to get used to it because we are going to be on "car share" yay!! hahaha We got another set of Elders in our ward, so until we get another  car we will be sharing! :( They said we are just going to try it out for a little bit... so we'll see!

The new Elders are awesome! We had to redo all our boundaries though. This meant giving up some of the people we have been working with. :( We got a huge chunk of an area that hasn't been worked very much,  Weeki Wachee :) We are really exited about it, but the down side to that is mapping! As you may know (well dad does) I am not very good at reading maps! That is why they invented G.P.S. for me... come on! On the mission I have gotten better! Not really good, but better. So almost all of Sunday we spent with he new Elders going over the Ward Roster and seeing who in what areas and mapping things out. hahaha 

This week was kinda slow since we were "on bike". It takes about 3 times as long to get to places :( Everything  is so far and in between. We helped one of our investigators move two people. We pretty much help someone pack up their house or move every weekend without fail! :( Hannah and Gracie are moving this week to Orlando. We went to say good-bye to them before the move. Of course we were "on bike" and when it came time for us to leave Gracie did not want to let us go, so she hopped in my basket and I was riding around with her for a little while hahaha! I found out she doesn't know how to ride a bike... So we tried to teach her! :) We got pictures and maybe I'll sent them next week. It was so fun running back and forth down the street with her. I felt like such a mom hahaha. She is so sweet, I am sad to see her go. We learned that the Elders helped unpack them when they go to Orlando, so I am hoping they can pick up where we left off. Gracie would like to get baptized really bad. 

We also did some service this week. We helped Sister Evan with gardening. I found out I do not have a green thumb! Sister Evan assures me that once I get married all these things will just come naturally. It comes just automatically I guess! hahaha. 

Halloween was kinda hard! Holiday's are hard on the mission. :(  What can you do? Matt reminded me it my last Halloween dressed as a missionary!! :) I love you guys! My time is running short! LOVE YOU!! God be with you until we meet again!
Sister Sharon Andersen 

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