Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter #57

Dear family
I don't know how to describe this week..out of the norm? Well our Thanksgiving was pretty good. We had dinner at the Kane's and ended up spending a majority of the day there. hahaha... We spent like 4 hours there. I just love them! We just talked with them and played with their new born! haha. He is pretty much the cutest thing! ;) After visiting with them we went to the Brannan's house. They are the sweetest part member family ever. It kinda felt like home, they have like 5 girls and 1 boy. Weird right? We were playing games and eating a TON  of pie with them. haha 
Oh my, and one of their daughters does modeling and has even been in a movie. :) Crazy right? It's called the Tooth Fairy 2 with Larry the Cable Man. They showed us clips of the movie. I'll have to show you once I get home. I am thinking of getting her autograph. hahaha Their oldest daughter is writing a missionary right now, and she was telling us all about it. haha It was fun she was asking for our advice and things, it kinda took me back to my high school days. :) 
Sister Kitchen and I only made one dinner appointment and one dessert appointment. Some other missionaries go a little crazy... the Elders like to go to multiple people houses to eat. We weren't completely stuffed by the end of Thanksgiving like others!
It was just a weird holiday because it didn't feel like Thanksgiving, really at all.  It just felt like a free day. So President came out and said "No Turkey Bowl!" He has started to get pretty hard core! ;/ The Elders were super upset. So............. we played basketball instead. hahaha and "scum" (sp?) It is a card game that I am super bad at. hahah Oh, and we also got to make a pie. We made Nutella Pie, and it came out pretty good. Hanging out with the Elders helped a little bit, but it is hard not being home :( But I loved all the pictures!!! looks like you guys had a great trip! :) 

Last week on p-day  we went shopping! I got some Christmas shopping out of the way. Yay!!! We somehow... I don't know how talked the Elders into coming with us and also driving us! haha to the closest mall. It was like 45 minutes- 1 hour away! It was really fun but also weird... I felt real normal; not like a missionary which doesn't happen to often. We usually totally stand out! 

Our mission has gotten chosen to do Online Proselyting! Yay! This means we are going to be on facebook teaching people :) I still don't know any of the rules,  We are having a conference call on Thursday about it. I guess we might get to be friends with you all but not be able to talk with you somehow? Or maybe you'll be able to follow me? Not really sure yet? Either way I am excited! We will be able to reach so many more places this way~ to all the ends of the world :) I love being on a mission at this time, you can see the Lord hasten his work... with all the changes. It's the best :) I love you guys!!!!! I miss and pray about you always! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! XOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOOXOXOOOXOXOOXOOX 

Love, Sister Sharon Andersen :)))))

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