Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter #58

Dear Family! 

Guess what...??? Last week I forgot to tell you that transfers are coming up. So guess what?... I'm getting transferred to drum roll ......................................................................................................... I don't know yet! HAHA! I also don't know who I will be serving with. It is a new tradition that President Cusick started once he came into the mission.

So we have a huge transfer meeting on Tuesday morning. I'll get assigned my new area and companion then. It kinda feels like game show; everyone that is getting transferred is there (So there are a lot of missionaries.) and you go up to the front and they are all like "come on down" (done it the voice of "the price is right") Not really, but that is kinda what it feels like! hahahaha! 

I am really sad to be leaving Brooksville. :(  It always feels like once you finally get comfortable and start getting the hang of things in an area (or at least for me)... that is when I get transferred. I'm kinda worried not knowing anything beforehand. I do understand the meaning behind it. I think President Cuscik does it this way so we don't get any "pre-ideas" of where we are going to be. Before he came to the mission you would know where you where going and who you where going to be with; and then you could call around and try to get the scoop. hahaha. 

I'm really sad leaving Brooksville. I was thinking I'd "die here" and it would be my last stop. I guess I'll have at least one other area to add to my list. I have no idea where I'll go, but my guess is somewhere in the middle of the mission. I have already gone as south as you could go (literally Marco Island to the very top of the mission) That is where our Relief Society President is living, just outside our mission... CRAZY~ to say the least! hahaha

So, like I was saying we have started to get the hang of things here. We have meet with a ton of people 
this week, and did a ton of service.  It has been a pretty good week. We are helping at the Nursing Home during the day when less people are home.  We get to help with Art's and Craft's. AND every week they have an Ice Cream Social! haha It is pretty cute, they put on 60's music and we make them banana spits and root beer floats. Scooping ice cream for old people... I guess that is what you get in Florida!! :) We were helping with one of our returning members (Sister Breamer) paint outside. I am  going to be a pro painter by the time I get home! hahaha. 

Well I'm going to try to send some pictures. So until next week :) Love you guys!!!! 

God be with you until we meet again! :)  LOVE YOU!!! MISS AND PRAY FOR YOU ALWAYS!! 

Love, Sister Sharon Andersen

 Saying "Goodbye to the Elders on Sunday!"
 Saying "Goodbye to Brother P" last week.
Shopping with the Elders on P day.
 Thanksgiving with the Kanes Family.
Saving Goodbye to the Evans Family.

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