Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter #59

Dear Family,

I love my new area! AND I LOVE my new/old companion! If you haven't heard already; I am with Sister Calder again! :) We are in the University Park Ward. It is a brand new Ward; like 4 weeks old! They have never had sisters, so they we're super excited to finally have sisters. (they had not had sisters in their previous wards either!) They pretty much LOVE us already!! We just need to keep it up, and work hard!! The University Park Ward seems great. They are super on top of things, even more so than Wards that have been organized for years. hahahaha! 

Our W.M.L. (Ward Mission Leader) is awesome! He is also super excited about the work! He has got some amazing goals for the ward! He wants 100 baptisms by this time next year, and he wants each missionary getting 100 referrals each month! :) It is great to have someone so excited about the work. He is also the Gospel Principals Teacher and is really good at explaining things! hahaha. 

Our Ward is the coolest; we have someone that is in the circus! They runs their own show! hahaha. It is a family show that's been going on forever! I guess it is currently the "off season" but they said we could come see them practice. We also heard about the coolest R.C. Biker chick, and our 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric is  an Olympian. AND our Elders Quorum President is a actor or something. It has just been slow getting everything started.  The stake took chucks of like 3 different Ward's to make this ward. We are coming into this not knowing much, so we have really just been trying to get things organized this week. It has been good, we have been meeting with a lot of the new Leader's and trying to help this ward in whatever way we can. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week. 

Yes, Mommy I got your package! I was able to pick it up on transfers day at the office! It was perfect timing! And Bird I got yours as well!! I'll be sending off my packages today. You should be getting it shortly. I'm not sure when I'll be skyping? We are going over to the Bishop's or our W.M.L.'s house. I'll be emailing you or calling you about it. Look out for that!!! I wanted to talk with Preston (Elder Andersen) for a little bit so when you get any new news from him about when he can Skype let me know. I Love You guys!! I miss you a ton!!!! 

LOVE, Sister Sharon Andersen
 Reunited and it FEELS SO GOOD!! Sister Calder & Sister Andersen
 Found these pictures... Sister Kitchen & Sister Andersen

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