Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter # 64

Dear family! 

So going along with the tradition… the week I didn't tell you about transfers… I'm getting transferred again!! I'm so sad! I wanted to stay with Sister Clader until the end of my mission, but I am guessing we were just having WAY TOO MUCH FUN together! 

We thought for sure we were both staying because we just got here... nope! President is full of surprises. I'm really sad, one transfer just is not long enough in an area. You are just getting used to everything and getting to know everyone!! It's not long enough to really get to know everyone!! :(  I only get to fall in love with a couple people and families :(  It just felt like I had finally unpacked. AND you know how I feel about packing!! 

This week was pretty crazy. We have been on "full car" almost this whole transfer. On Tuesday we got a call and they told us we were going to be "car share". I'm totally fine with it because I was on car share for half my mission in Naples… but our area here is HUGE. We have to bike about 12-14 miles just to get into our working area! So Sadly, it's been kinda a crazy slower week. Craziest part of the week was that we kinda got chased by some ducks… Calder got a video of it. hahaha!  Other than the ducks it was  kinda a slow week. We did a lot of contacting, walking around, and talking to random people. It was O.K. because I think that is always fun! :) 

Well I'm running short on time. I'll get going and try to send some pictures again this week… so "God be with you till we meet again!" Love you guys!!! Miss and pray for you always! 

Sister Sharon Andersen 

 TWINS in P-Day shopping...
 Sister Calder is SO funny! I love her faces!!
 Getting our WORK on... don't we look SO happy! haha
 Ready to RIDE!!
 Sister Calder & Sister Andersen
 THE sign we SHOULD have paid attention to... DUCK CROSSING...
YUMMMYY!! Have a GREAT week!!

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