Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter #65

Dear Family!
So much has changed!!!!
I'm not with Sister Calder anymore! ( btw, Thank you Daddy for you always wise words of wisdom hahaha) I am now serving in Seminole with a Spanish sister. Crazy right? It is called a "Zebra Companionship" hahahahah it's really different. This is her first time serving in an English ward, so it's been really fun! :) 
I like her a lot! We seem to be getting along really great :) We are the first sisters in the ward in a very long time. I love being brand new sisters in a ward! Most wards usually love to have sisters! hahahahaha This ward is super excited about having sisters again! :) We are taking over an area that Elders used to be in... so in  mission terms we are "white washing" or as I like to say it "Pink Washing the area!" hahaha So we are going into it totally blind. It has been really interesting. We have also been moving into a old Elders apartment. It has not been the funnest. We spend like the first couple days just cleaning the place! hahahahah!
We have been able to meet with a few people. We have been trying to meet the ward members right now. The coolest experience we have had so far was meeting with a recent convert in the ward. Before we left our meeting she told us... "You don't even realize... You are Angels!!" She thanked us for coming and bringing the spirit into her home. :) It was the highlight of the week for sure!:0 I love hearing things like that from people. 
So far the ward seems really great! There is not to much to report on yet... but hopefully more to tell you next week! I love you guys so much! Sorry the e-mail is so short again, running short on time! :/ LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

We got this picture off of the Florida Tampa Mission facebook page... 
we are guessing this is her new companion!!

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