Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter #67

Dear Family!!!

Yes daddy! I will be your Valentine; but you might have to share me this year;) I hope that is OK? :D THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MY PACKAGE! And for all the goodies :) My skirts don't thank you though! haha I loved it! I have been stuffing my face with all the chocolate! haha Sorry I didn't wait until Valentine's day! :) Thank you for always being my valentine! I love you guys!!!  

It sounds like Dad has been teaching a lot. I love to hear that! He is still the best teacher I know, so I am not surprised you have been asked to teach so much :) And that is great that the ward had a baptism!! Yay! and you spoke at it too! I love to hear that :0 So you spoke in Spanish then?

It has been freezing here in Florida with lost of rain and a weird mist. ( I wish I would have gotten pictures of It... It looked like what I think the mist of darkness  would be look like) Florida weather is the weirdest :) So it has been interesting to ride bikes in :) haha On the bright side... we got a call this week that we will be getting put on car full time. We will be biking during the day, and driving at night. :) So we won't have to ride in the dark anymore. I guess our mission president didn't like the sister's biking in our area late at night... that is nice.

So... we have started teaching the coolest guy; James! I love him already :) These first couple of weeks we have been trying to get to know the members in the area more. We have been dropping by their houses for a "quick visit" ... Sister Wakefield and I have been trying to make them quick! hahaha We want to be able to meet everyone and help them with their Family Mission Plan. On Thursday Night we were stopping by the cutest/sweetest single mothers house. :)  We show up and she already has a friend there. :) We love when that happens! (Even though that doesn't happen that much :) We got to share and introduce the Book of Mormon :) The member had already told him a lot about the church, and what we believe. It was so great :) Sister Wakefield and I got the idea and impression that there was something else maybe going on between them!  hahaha. Then we find out later that this "friend" has taken her out a couple times on a date and so she invited him to learn more about what she believes. She told him that she could never get serious with anyone that doesn't have the same beliefs as her. So she gave him a   Book of Mormon and shared her testimony with him. He was already to I Nephi Chapter 12 :) We are going back over today and teaching him about the Restoration and we are super excited! :) We have just been kind of discouraged because coming in this new area we haven't had a ton of people to teach. We are for sure seeing miracles happening and we are starting to become more busy :) Which I love! It helps the days go by fast when you are busy going from place to place! :) 

We also had some other families that invited friends over :) We have some potentials which were getting excited about. We are hoping on setting a date with our investigator Jane this week! Please pray for her :) I'll have to tell you more about her story next week! Well I love you guys so much!!!! Miss you!!
God be with you until we meet again! :)

Sister Sharon Andersen

P.S. Thanks for reminding me about the  Olympics!  hahaha We went to our Bishop's house last night and it was on. It is so weird that life still goes on when you are on your mission! And to think we're in such a different world~ haha
BUT I love it!!!  
 The other sisters took her out to eat for her Birthday!!
Some cute Slippers a member made for them!

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