Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter # 68

Dear family,

This is Sister Sharon Andersen reporting from Florida :) I am not sure if you saw on Facebook (or saw any pictures or anything on our Mission
page...) We got iPads this week! Yay! I forgot to mention that last
week haha. I am super excited about it! Still kinda crazy, the mission has changed so much! Just during my mission... After I put in my papers,
there was the age change, then we got on Facebook, now no more tracking and now we have iPads :)

So just so you know, I am not typing right now. I am talking into my
iPad and it is typing me for me! haha! This is the coolest yet such weirdest thing... Sister Wakefield and I still don't know how to use technology very well. We are trying to use it in our lessons more to show videos and stuff. It's really neat. We are one of 30 missions with iPads right now.

So... It's been a pretty good week even though it was Valentine's
Day. It sounded like you guys had a delicious breakfast. Sister Wakefield and I also made heart shaped waffles! Sounds like your were way festive. Haha!

We were able to meet with James again this week! I love this
guy. :) He messaged us on Facebook and told us that he is already in
second Nephi! He is awesome!! He also said that he can tell the
difference when he reads, and he feels like he wants to keep learning :) he didn't come to church this week:(but we're meeting with him on
Thursday) We are super excited. He seems to really be progressing and
really wanting to learn about the Gospel. Sister Wakefield and I were a little worried that he may be doing it just because he wants to date his
friend! haha. He seems really awesome and we are excited to teach him
again. We think he's trying to impress her so he can go on a date with
her. However, he still seems really open and really searching.

Those we're the highlights of the week. Oh yeah, and Sister Wakefield got peed on this week! haha That was pretty funny and sad! We are getting along pretty well. I still miss Sister Calder a lot though. I am just enjoying the work!
Just trying to hasten it :)

Well like always I'm short on time... Please know that I miss you guys so much :) And I love you even more! Thank You for all that you do :)

God be with you till we meet again!

~ Sister Sharon Andersen
P.S. I took a lot of picture but couldn't send them on my iPad so
hopefully I'll be able to send some next week... Love You!

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