Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter #69

Dear Family~

This has been a really good week! :) We are starting to get the hang of things. :) So, I am really hoping they don't move me again! It always seems to be when you are comfortable that they move you... But we shall see! Transfer calls are this Saturday. I'll let you know next week! My bet is we are going to be put in trio!?! :) And I think Sister Wakefield is going to train! She has been out a year and still hasn't trained yet. We are getting 21 missionaries coming soon, we just are not sure how many serve in Spanish or English. I will let you know as soon as I know! :)

 Anyways,  we have been working with some people, and have been able to see some real growth! We had a couple people we were teaching come to church :)  This week we had 17 lessons! Sister Wakefield and I were super excited :)  It was an all-time high for this area! President Cusick wants us doing 20 lessons a week, so we are not quite there; but getting close.

We are working with a girl named Lydia and she came to church this last week! We have been working with her for a couple weeks now :) She is a daughter of one of the recent converts, and we are trying to get her going to the church organized AA Meeting. My whole mission I have not worked much with people that have addition problems. This is a new experience for me; that's for sure! Sister Wakefield has, I guess a lot on her mission... but  Lydia is so great. We either talk with her on the phone or meet with her everyday. She says there is a sweet spirit that always stays with us. We were teaching her to pray the other day, she has the sweetest prayers! haha! She said she was so happy for Sister Wakefield and I that she feels like a new born baby in the gospel. She said that she got placed into our hands...well... It was actually kinda weird but sweet. She enjoyed church a lot, but she was shaking pretty bad by the end of the 1 hour... so she had to go out to smoke. She is just taking it slow. She let us know that she has not drank alcohol for a week! :) So she is coming a long way, and we are excited to be working more with her!

We were super pumped to set a date with James. Then he got a flat tire on the way to our appointment! :( Dang Satan! He is always at work! However, we are meeting with him today and I can't wait. He is still loving the Book of Mormon. He  always talks about the peace it brings him. We really enjoy teaching him.

Dad will also be excited to hear we are teaching a Colombian... We'll actually Sister Wakefield does most of the teaching... only because I don't speak Spanish! hahahaha! She was a referral from the head quarters!! :)  She seems very sweet! Her family is still in Colombia, so I wanted to hear what areas you served in Daddy! :)

Well like always I am running short on time! :( I love you!!! I miss you and God be with you until we meet again!
Love ~ Sister Sharon Andersen 

Valentine's Day Food ~
 Heart Shaped Waffles!! YUMMMMO!
 P-Day at a members house... 
 Relaxing and writing Letters...
 Sister Wakefield
 Beautiful View!
 Sister Andersen
Sister Wakefield acting out Wicked 
(Because I told her that I had not seen it yet...)

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