Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter #70 !!!

Dear Family!
It has been a crazy week! :) Lots of new stuff!! The last week of the transfer is always weird, only because you don't know what is going to happen! But guess what... I'm staying in Seminole :) Luckily I don't think I could handle another move. But sadly Sister Wakefield is not training this transfer! :( I was hoping to be in a trio, and with a "greenie" before I get to go home! :(  It is OK though! So this week was great! :) The main highlight of the week was finally setting a baptism date with James!!! We also moved into a new apartment! haha! :)

My new address is:
3306 Columns Circle 
Seminole, FL 33772
(It is just down the street :)

 So it is a New Transfer! And  it is already March! Crazy!!
A lady is my first area told me she would countdown the Fast Sunday's instead of months because it's goes by faster! I was tell Sister Wakefield that and then I realized I only have 1 more Fast Sunday! It is already March!! I don't know what is happening with time. The time on the mission is the weirdest! I can't even explain it!

So we had the best lesson with James this week ! He is a paramedic and had been up for like 48 hrs. However he did not want to reschedule with us again. So...for "whatever reason" we were all a little more sillier ( I hope that is a word) than usual. Well besides Sister Wakefield, she is usually the "bad cop", that keeps us focused! haha  :) (her words not mine haha) The more and more we meet with him, the more I like this guy, he is the best. A part of me feel's like he is the reason I am here in Seminole. He is great and gets us excited about sharing the gospel with him. :) He is like a sponge and absorbing everything we teach. So... this week we set a baptism date with him! :) We'll... not an actual date, but a couple of
dates. We committed him to a date, and without even thinking about it, he pulls out his phone and starts looking at his work schedule! haha. We were just waiting for a yes! We were trying for the 12 of April, but because of work that date did not work. So Sister Sims (his friend:) suggested the 14th which I was all for!! I would love to have a baptism right before I leave! :)  Then they also mentioned about the 18th or 19th being a possibility. I didn't have the heart to tell  him I wouldn't be here. (I don't usually tell people how long I've been out;  Sister  Wakefield laughs at me because when people ask "How long have you been out?" I always say a little over a year haha) I'm just hoping and praying I can be there! But if not, that will
be fine too. He said he was going to pray about a date. I know the most important part... and that is that he is getting baptized! :)I did not want me leaving to interfere or sway anything for him. We also let him know that he has the options (A.K.A he can get baptized at the beach.) I have selfishly wanted a beach baptism my whole mission! We have always offered everyone the option with no takers sadly! I mean if it was me, and I knew I had the option I would totally go for it! :) It was funny though because he
said no one would want to see me in my swim suit! haha! Sister Sims explained that he would have a jump suit to wear. Speaking of my baptism... Could you send me a picture of my baptism? I want to try to use it for my teaching :)

Lydia is so sweet! :) She is the sister that came to church last week. We get to talk with her, or go over and visit with her every week. :) We went over and read early this week. We were reading in 3rd Nephi  11 when Christ comes to the Americas. And she was loving it! I love reading that
chapter, it's one of my favorites. She did admit she had just gotten up. It was like 1:30... oh how I remember those days of sleeping in! ;) Maybe not that much? So we stopped and talked as we read. But she get a little distracted and off topic sometimes. The how the other day we were meeting with her and she started talking about music... Sister Wakefield and I were dying. Lydia is a country girl so we assumed she liked country music. Nope! She liked soul music and jazz! And that usher song..."Yeah" hahaha. She started singing it for us. She is a little crazy! Which makes it fun. I love seeing how The Lord is slowly softening her heart. She currently is working on stopping smoking, and drinking right now. We are doing that by checking in on her and having her read daily from the Book of Mormon. We have seen such a change in her already. And growth too, there was a light  about her at church. I love the power the Book of Mormon has!

I love you guys!!! God be with you till we meet again~ :)

Sister Sharon Andersen

P.S. A sister in our ward takes pictures of all the missionaries for the "missionary board" :) I guess it is so everyone will know what we look like...? :) She was really sweet and gave them to us so we could send them to the family :) Hope you enjoy :) Love you!

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