Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter # 72

Dear family!

I forgot to mention last week that interview with the Mission President were coming up. As most of you know... I not very fond, nor do I enjoy being interviewed that much. :/ Luckily for me, this time it wasn't so bad. It was a pretty decent interview. haha. I can tell President's heart has softened a little. He still told me he want's me throwing up in the bushes everyday (from working so hard haha.) and sometimes your
going to have to just "deal with it". He also said he is proud of me, I didn't leave my interview feeling like a completely horrible missionary so... it was an improvement! It was pretty good ;) We are just so different... I'm just going to have to get used to the fact that he is not as loving and caring in the way that I am used to from the last Mission President! He just shows is love SO differently. With this interview I could feel his love and concern for me. I know he loves this work, and he was called to this mission for a reason.

It was so weird, we were walking down the hall at church and he calls me by my first name... "It's Sharon right?" So I give him a weird look. He looked pretty confused. haha. When I came home I am going to have a serious identity crisis! haha. Being called Sharon does feel right anymore, it doesn't sound right. I feel like Sister Andersen fits me so much more. haha. I'm going to have to face the fact sooner than later on that one! It didn't help that this week I got my Travel Itinerary (you will have both of your missionaries in Texas for a couple hours) I was freaking out a little to say the least. I fully understand this is my last
transfer, but... I don't think it has really hit me yet. It hasn't sunk in, I didn't think I would have to worry about that until April. It's really happening! Where did the time go? I don't know if I am ready to go home. Every time I think about it I focus my mind back on now, and the time I have left. I got to talk about this with President during our interview a little bit, and that seemed to help me. Sister Wakefield was laughing at me, because I was so happy that President gave me permission to lie about how long I have left! haha. She gives me a hard time every time, haha and everyone asks me! Once they find out how short of a time I have that is all they want to talk about. So... I've been out a little over a year for a while now! I might start saying I am new! :) Sister Calder had this book of advice - one of the things said work like you have a year left even when you only have a few weeks.

So speaking of working hard :) We are running a 5K this week! :/ Well, more like I will be jogging a 5K! haha. I don't know if I mentioned this, but Sister Wakefield is super into fitness. Like a lot! That is what she was studying in college; Exercise Science. There is no way I could keep up with her, so luckily the other sisters in our ward our doing it too! So Sister Erkambrsck and I are jogging and passing out cards the whole time. So then Sister Wakefield and Sister Fox get to be beasts and RUN! Haha! A lot of the missionaries are doing the 5K. President just wants us getting our name out there! So
we have been training for that the last weeks. I have decided I hate running! I'll be running and think to myself Why do people enjoy this? Haha. The only reason I am doing it is for the experience on the mission. Oh yeah, and the free shirt (well it's actually not free because you have to pay to run? Anyways... I'm getting 2 shirts out of this deal :) It is probably hard just because I am so out of shape. I have gotten a little rounder on my mission. All the Sister RM's say it will come right off when I get home.  I am hoping for this because my "6 months to sexy" didn't work out too great! haha What can you do? I just keep reminding myself that it is not my focus right now, and I have more important things to worry about...

So... I also forgot to tell you last week about our complex block party that we went to. We were really just being lazy and didn't want to cook dinner AND we thought it would be good to meet some of our neighbors and get our names and faces out there. Well long story short... Sister Guan almost got a spiked drink! haha Good thing we wear our name tags! :)
James finally came to church! :) He looked so nice all dressed up, and he brought his mom with him. haha. It was so great having him there! I am twice as tired when investigators actually come to church, because I am always sitting there worried about what everyone is saying, or if they are enjoying themselves. It seemed to go well. He just got back into town this week, so we only got to do a church tour with him but we are seeing him twice next week! :) Lydia has fallen off the face of the earth! We haven't seen her at all this week! :( So like always,  I am running short on time!

I love you guys so much and miss you even more :)
 As always; God be with you until we meet again! :)
Love, Sister Sharon Andersen
P.S.- Mommy I ordered you a name tag. :) They said it will be a couple of weeks :) I want to see a picture of Preston, I mean Elder Andersen!?!
P.S.S.-  Daddy Sister Calder called dibs on my bike once I left if I wasn't going to be selling it. Her's is breaking down. haha. She is going to be excited! :)

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