Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter #73

How do I began to describe this week!?! I'll just start with the
highlights. Things have been a little "cray- cray" (crazy) around here! 
hahaha (to say the least)

1) We have a new investigator. Yay! He is a former drug dealer. (but no
worries he is turning his life around... and we always meet him in
public places. So... haha don't worry to much daddy)

2)  5k's are no fun and not worth a t-shirt! :) The whole time I was 
doing it, I kept thinking to myself;  Why do people enjoy this again? 
People do this for fun?  And last but not least... Why am I so out of shape? 
:( the Elders and Sister Wakefield got medals though! :)

3) I almost got ran over by Sister Wakefield as she was backing up. 
She is not a very a good driver and I can't drive my last month :(

4) There was a lice outbreak in our apartment! :O One of the sisters
thinks she got it in her last area!

5) SO as result of that... We have spent one day cleaning the WHOLE house,
and at the laundromat washing ALL OUR CLOTHES!  
4 sisters in one apt=  a lot of clothes :)
And just for your info... I have a lot of clothes :(

So to sum it up... My feet hurt from walking trying to find
investigators. My legs hurt from the 5k. My head itches from the the
special shampoo we have to use (to prevent us from getting lice too)
And my hip may be bruised from getting backed into. hahah. I'm
getting old! haha

We have been doing a ton of walking the last couple weeks!  We are also
doing a lot of "finding" this transfer... which honestly isn't my favorite thing!?
Having to go up to random people and talking with them is not easy.
But it is starting to pay off. We have been meeting some pretty interesting people.

We were walking home after doing some surveys over by the library and
we saw this shadow behind us. Sister W and I both turned around and the guy 
behind us had headphone on (like everyone else!) We offered him a card and he took
out his head phones and started talking with us. (This rarely happens... 
so we were both excited!) We were walking the same direction
and we ended up walking with him for about 30 mins. We taught him about the
Restoration as we walked. He had the best questions! Those questions lead into
everything else we talked about! He has a church he attends right now but isn't 
quite sure about it yet. He seemed to be really interested or at least curious 
about Mormons. For some  reason had just picked up a Book of Mormon on 
Monday and had already read the introduction!?!  Coincidence... I don't think so! hahhaha 
I've learned even more out here on the mission that there is always a reason. :)
You have got to take the good with the bad... he also had some interesting question.
He also asked us about our magical bulletproof and fireproof underwear! haha. 
We have meet with him a couple of times this week... the hard thing with him is 
anytime the spirit is present he gets uncomfortable and makes a joke. I know he 
understands and is searching, we are just trying to help control his searching! hahaha. 
Google is not our friend! While we were teaching about the Restoration, he asked the best
question- "So why is your church the only one that has the same organization and set up 
as Christ church in the bible?" Ummm... because it is Christ Church, and he is the same today,
yesterday, and forever! We are just trying to help him pray and recognize his answers.
That is the hardest thing!

Then there is Curly. He is almost 90 years old, and we meet him just walking
around. He owns his own Heating and Air Conditioning Company. He still
installs them himself too! haha. He is in his LATE 80's and still hasn't retired. He
has some crazy stories! He also tries to be a charmer... He told me I have a pretty 
darn good face! hahaha. And he also asked if we were 18 years old? So apparently... 
we still look young. Well actually Sister Wakefield gets asked all the time if she has 
graduated high school yet haha. He also asked if we had boyfriends? haha.  He is also
meeting with the 'J-dubs' (Jehovah Witness). So that should be interesting to talk 
about too.
As always I am short on time :( I love you guys so much!

God be with you till we meet again!

Love, Sister Sharon Andersen :)

P.S. I got an email from the Mission President saying that we are allowed to read emails during our free time from friends and family. So feel free to email me, then  I could read it before p-day and have more time to write you back :)

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