Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter #74

Dear Family ~
This week has been... Pretty normal. Nothing really crazy to report
on :) Which is a good thing! I don't want to top that lice outbreak from last week!

Daddy; You will be glad to hear we are not teaching the "ex- drug dealer"
anymore. :( Sadly, he wasn't the only one that dropped us this week!
:( We got dropped a couple of times! I hate it when we get dropped, or
have to stop meeting with someone. I just hate giving up or feeling like I can not help this person.  
What helps me is that President
has been giving direction- We need to be very upfront and bold with
people. He doesn't want us wasting time with people that aren't making
changes. This one hurt real bad, it felt like a real bad
breakup!! He just keep saying "I hope we can still be friends! I
hope there no hard feelings!" hahaha It was a pretty awkward
experience. He also confessed to us that if we weren't so cute he probably
wouldn't have keep meeting with us. So... moral of story Don't flirt to
convert! (Even if your not trying to) Only because it doesn't always work! hahha
People need to be converted by the Spirit, not by the missionaries! :)

Another sad story; We are going to have to move back James' baptism date :(
He has to move it because his vacation and then having to cancel some appointments :( So...
I'm most likely not going to get to see him get baptized :( BUT I will keep
reminding myself me being there is not what is most important! :( It helps to think that maybe Sister Wakefield could skype me in :)? Hopefully ?!? 
I'm so pumped for General Conference! :) I've really learned to love
Conference on the mission :) I have gotten so much more out of it out
here! I have heard it is harder once you get home to enjoy as much as when you are on your mission. I am determined to continue to love it, and get as much as I can out of it... :) I loved
the Women's Conference! It was so good. I loved having the range of ages, and how they used so many Primary children songs. I'm telling you... You learn everything you need in life in Primary!  :)

I got to go to "Spanish Land" again! I actually got to do on double
exchanges this week! I got to go with the STL, and the Sister in our apartment. It
was so much fun! More than I have had in a while! :) We got to go to an Inner Faith Day Camp thingy. 
I got to play games with some troubled kids. At first it was weird being around kids because as missionaries I am not around babies and kids all the time, and I can't hold them or anything. So I'm hoping once I am around family it wont be like that! haha!
Well, I love you guys!!
God be with you until we meet again :)
 ~ Sister Sharon Andersen
P.S. No one can drive their last month on the mission; just in case you get into an accident, or get a ticket, or something like that. haha!

 We mustach-you if you want to celebrate with us!!
 Happy Birthday SISTER!
 Rain Rain...
 Go Away... Come again another day!
 Pancakes before starting a Juice Fast
 Pancake FUN!
We saw an alligator at the Library . . . eek!
 Saw that LOVE was in the air...
Perfected by adding this simple word... !!!

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