Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas SKYPE!!

Our Family was able to SKYPE with Sister Andersen Christmas Morning!!
And when I say our family I mean EVERYONE!!
Dad found a Group Skype Free week Trial that we were all able to sign up on.
We had 5 different people to set up!

~Mom, Dad, Preston and Crystal were online at home in Sacramento, California.
~The Ray Family was online in Meridian, Idaho.
~The Richardson Family was online in Caldwell, Idaho.
~We (the Bird Family) were online in Clovis, California.
~And Sharon was online in Naples, Florida at the Seamon's House.

We started early to make sure everyone was able to get online and signed up. We had to wait a little while for Sharon to try to call us, but that was not a big deal because it was Christmas and we were all able to show and tell about what we had gotten!

Here are some pictures I took while we were talking...
 Andersen Family, Richardson Family, Sister Sharon Andersen, Ray Family and at the bottom ME!
 Sharon Talking...
 and talking...
 and TALKING!!
 Better Picture of us all listening to her talk!

It was hard to hear at times because of the background noises (ie: Children's Christmas Presents) at all the houses, so I sent my kids in the other room and just sat and tried to enjoy seeing my sister on Christmas. This really was my favorite part of Christmas!!
There were some tears shed, but not many! It was a GREAT time had by all!
We LOVE YOU Sister Andersen!!
We hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas just like we did; able to Celebrate with Family!!

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