Monday, December 17, 2012

Letter #8

(Short Letter ~ I hope it makes sense... she kinda abbreviated the question's dad asked... I highlighted what I thought was questions in Red.)

Question's from dad's letter:
Elder Maxfield- Yeah, I kinda remember him?
You always said he was such a hard worker; and seemed to really like him?
Got along with Preston...yeah. We had 3 or 4 elders come over for Christmas last year.
The bird drove down Christmas Day I think? Daddy don't you remember we went shopping and got them little stocking and filled them with candy, little games, and house hold stuff. :)

2 baptisms!!! Thats awesome. Who got baptized?

I guess you had transfers last week?
Did you & your companion stay together for another 6 weeks?
Yeah they have a new program called the "12 Week Program". I think they started it about a year or so ago. So the first 12 weeks you stay with your trainer and go over everything you
learn at the MTC. Every week you have a new thing that your studying. It is intended to help the missionaries feel more prepared. Not just throwing them in the deep end!!! lol .... So were together for at least another 6 weeks. :(

Exciting news- We had a "Sisters Confernce", where we were updated on all the sister missionary coming in. (since the age drop; this transfer there are 4 Spanish Sisters coming in) In January there will be 18 English Sister coming in!!!! Only 4 Sister's will be going home. There is only 7 English areas for the Sisters in the whole Tampa Florida Mission. Which means I'll be training next tranfer!! Crazy right??? I'm a little worried about it.There is so much I don't know and I'll be training someone. I mean my trainer has been out a year and I'm the first person that she has trained. I'm a little worried about it; not going to lie. So I've been asking a ton of questions and trying to learn as much as I can; so I can be a good trainer. Daddy how many people did you train on your mission?

Did you get at least 1 Christmas card? I sent one to you and then we sent you the family one... I got a lot of cards and packages!!! I got 3 packages just from mom! :) I opened the one with my charger in it. Yes, mom you sent all the right stuff Thank You!!!! I think I got it on Tue. or Wed.? Then I got two that said don't open until Christmas. I didn't open either of them becuase they said to wait until Christmas. I also got a package from Melissa and without thinking I opened it (it didn't say anything on the box) Sorry Melissa!!! Thank you I love it!!! I listened to part of the tape and than thought maybe I should wait till Christams. Hopefully that OK? Don't be mad. :) Than I got another package from CARLY!!!!!

Love you,
Sister Andersen

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