Monday, December 10, 2012

Letter #7

My dad found her letter in his e-mail that she thought did not send... glad we got it!
Lots of Thank Yous and good stories!!

hello family!!!

no letter this week? from mom or dad??? .... i hope everything
is alright; i'm a little worried ??? :(  i got an email from Melissa :)
...and i finally heard from Preston :D glad to hear from you!! i was
getting a little worried. but i guess school is keeping you busy and
out of trouble?? i hope so; once you get a stamp, please send me a
letter; i want to hear more details about what's going on :) i LOVE AND
MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!  Preston, i'll try to write you today; but no
promises because i still haven't finished Tianni's letter that i started
last week :o but i'll get one off before next p-day.

thank you for all the letters and cards!!!! thank you Grandma Smith!!!
for my package!!! my stocking is the only Christmas thing we have up
in the apartment right now. wait--no, mom send me a little manger :) so
yes, mom, i got your package!!! thank you so much!!! i got it Tuesday i
think? and yes you sent everything so i can now charge my camera; this
week i'll really try to take more pictures to send you guys :) so next
letter i'll send a couple in my email or i'll send my flash drive

so this has been a VERY VERY LONG week! its been a total roller
coaster. it had its total ups and downs!! Tuesday was a very good day. we
found a new investigator! from tracting :O  it was such a cool
experience; we were going through finding ideas in preach my gospel
because were only really teaching 1 person right now. only one
progressing investigator -- who we're trying to meet with 3-4 times a
week. and then we have 2 or 3 people that we're teaching only once a
week. (so any or all returned missionaries, i need advice! best ways to
find people to teach? where? how? just ideas? what worked for them?
your mission? your area? please!!!)  we need more people to teach. but
anyways we got an idea to ask our bishop about where we should go
tracting. and we're really working on gaining members' and bishop's trust
so we asked him. and he gave us a couple we went to the
places where he suggested and prayed about what street we should go
tracting on. and we got guided to this very "farmlike" area with a ton of
space in between houses. we had already done 6-9 houses with no luck.
people were either not interested or not home until we hit the last
house of the street and it was a tiny house. my companion and I
thought it might even be an in-law house. you know what i mean? and we
thought maybe we should go; but we both had the feeling we should at
least try and it was such a cool experience. we were able to get talking
and she invited us in and we taught the first lesson and she committed
to be baptized on the 22 of Dec!!!! but sadly we had to hand her over
to some other elders in our district because she is 19 and they are over the
young single adults of our area. so that was really hard finding
someone and connecting with them and having to give her to someone
else :( but it was really an eye opening experience about how the Lord
prepares his children. that really was the highlight of the week. it
was such a high for both me and my companion the rest of the week was
really really hard. full of misses and canceled appointments :( and
wasted time not knowing where we were needed. and, oh my, Friday was the
worst!!! first of all we weren't able to meet with our investigator Mary;
liked we planned to. my companion and i were really upset about that :(
and then to top it off, i FELL OFF MY BIKE. messed up my knee pretty
bad :( and i'm still scratched up and bruised! and my skirt just keeps
getting caught in my bike. i was so upset and frustrated we just ended
up walking our bikes home. and Saturday we were on bikes and it started to
rain!!! oh my, you got to watch what you wish for. last letter, i think
i said i wished it would rain here and it did. biking in the rain is not
so fun. so now i only want it to rain when we're in the car :) and
sadly i can't wear my rain coat on my bike because i have to wear my
backpack under my jacket and it didn't work really well. luckily, the
sister before me left her jacket. so that's what i've been using as a
zip up windbreaker. if you could keep a look out for something like
that? that would be something that would be helpful? it has to be big
enough for my backpack under...maybe for Christmas or my birthday??
i'm making due with what i have right now and am ok; but it's a little
small on me?? and i sent Crystal a letter with some ideas of stuff i
need; so you'll have to ask her all i said because i can't really remember
it all but i wanted to ask if you could possibly send me my gps? if
you guys aren't using it?? Because we don't get one for this area?? and
you know me with directions. so if you could send that with my
Christmas stuff that would be great :) i'm out of time. so i'll write
you a letter if i think of anything else.

COMING;THEY'RE WHAT KEEP ME GOING and please tell Carly to write; i'm
getting a little worried.

Sister Sharon Andersen

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