Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Landon Birthday Card ~

Sister Andersen sent Landon a birthday card for his BIG #4 Birthday today!!
He LOVED it!
 On the outside of the back of card she wrote:
"Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Day!" 
It is kind of an inside joke for the family that was in Fresno Last New Years. We went out to dinner for Landon's Birthday (on New Years Eve) at Mitsui Buffet. (a local Chinese Buffet) and when they came to sing 'Happy Birthday' to him we were singing along! Until we realized they sing a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SONG!! It was funny!!
 She got a few cards from people in her mission area, and she has been sending us the
 BIRD cards that she got... this little bird is CUTE!
 She started it off with "Happy BIRD Day!!" Landon liked that!
 But he liked THESE even more! Not sure if you can read the card, but she said these shells and shark teeth are actually from the beaches in Florida! The bigger shell is called a Turkey Leg. 
He thought that was funny! He REALLY loved the shark teeth! The kids bathroom is "Ocean Themed" so he put his special treasures in with the other shells and every morning he tells me about the 
REAL SHARK TEETH auntie Shar-Shar sent him!
  Thank you Sister Andersen for thinking of our little man while you are serving!!
Your card and present made his birthday complete!!

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  1. This is soo sweet, love the birthday wishes enclosed with the card. Loving it!

    Cheers xxxx
    Sister birthday wishes