Monday, January 7, 2013

Letter #10

QUESTIONS from my Parents highlighted with Sister Andersen's Answers...

Do you want us to send you your Garmin? -yes please!!!! Since Preston
is back I am guessing you guys are not using it. If you could also send
the car charger, the dock, and one of my old phone chargers; (to charges it
too but only if you can find it) that would be awesome! Please and Thank You!!!
Also; you are sending another package already :) really!!! What for ?? 
My birthday isn't for another month...

Have you heard any more about the transfers and you training the new missionaries?
-No, I have not heard anything yet. And I won't know about
any transfers before the transfers occur) I don't think I will know for at least
another 2 weeks. I know I have at least 3 more weeks here in Naples.
So... in about two weeks if anybody needs to send me anything, send it to 
the mission home because I might be leaving Naples. idk? (=I don't know)
At the beginning of our first transfer I thought I was going to take over Naples
after my 12 week training was over, but I keep getting the impression and 
prompting that i'm going to go to a whole new area; which is very scary!!! 
I think I'll be training and in a totally new area :/ Which is why I would like
to have my need my GPS because I've learned that I am  very bad with 
directions. I also know that I can't really read a map LOL. However; I might
be wrong because it is not up to me. It's up to my Mission President and 
more importantly the Lord:) LOL. And I know he is not going to give me 
more than I can take or bare. I am preparing for either situation. I am just
asking tons and tons of question about how to train!?! How different areas are? 
How to open new areas? I am just trying to learn it all! Which is exhausting!
I am tired all the time! But I am growing and learning so much every day.
I feel like I am in a constant state of TIRED...LOL. When I can I like to take
naps at lunch! :)

So how are things going for you? - This week has been great!!! VERY
VERY long but great. We got 4 new investigators!!! Which is so excited
and an answer to our prayers :)  We were teaching a HQ (headquarter)
referral. That is someone who requested a visit from the missionaries, 
wanted a Bible, a Book of Mormon, or just wants to know a little
more about what we believe. They are referrals from online. So I always
make sure to tell everyone about! We are teaching a sweet 
old couple who were rasied Catholic. The husband requested a Bible during
Christmas time. We were close by where they live, and so we decided to 
see how he was doing. We had a pretty good meeting with him; the first time 
we meet him he was very open and even took a Book of Mormon :) So this
week we went back to see him again to see what he though about it and we ended  
up teaching him the first lesson! He was really open and wanted to learn more; 
but sadly his wife is not as open as he is. She said she is not interested in changing
religions. So we are still trying to teach him without offending her. That have been
kinda our stuggle the last couple of days. How do we reach out to him without 
stepping on her toes? We know the door is still open, but we dont want to push 
to hard you know? So that is the Danglos Family. :)
We are also teaching a Mother and soon to be Daughter in Law? It's kind of 
a weird situaion. She is 25 years old and is living with her boyfriend's
Mother LOL. Her boyfriend is going through some kind of rehab or something
right now. This should make it interesting when he gets out. We are trying to stay 
positive. The boyfriend and girlfriend have a 3 year old daughter. She said she 
wants to be baptized with her whole family!!! So they are great!! The grandmother 
is in her 60's and feels the spirit very strongly. I can tell because she is almost in 
tears after each lesson; but she doesn't believe in Christ as the redeemer of the 
world. It is kinda different? I have never really heard that one before?? We continue
to be positive and try to be guided by the spirit in how we handle that concern.
Oh, and we have another gentleman we starting to teach again. I don't know if I 
told you about him yet... His name is brother Talbit. He is in his 80's; and the best
way to decribe him is... ugh.... Ok... You know thoose Disney /Pixar little short movies?
You know the one where the old man is playing chess with himself? You know, he 
keeps turning the chess board around and taking his glasses on and off to play?? LOL...
(I think it is on after the toy story movie if you have not see it) Anyways... he looks 
exactly like him! lol :) He is so sweet! His problem is (why does everyone have problems? 
Why can't we just have someone who is just ready?? I guess that would be just too 
easy... HUH?) that he enjoys drinking coffee. He has been drinking for YEARS 
and he doesn't think he can stop. We were really trying to strenghen his faith and trust
in the Lord. We are telling him that only through him can all things be possible:) 
So he has a daughter who is a member already. She is going to be in town this February, 
He would like to be ready and get baptized when she is in town. We set the date
for the 9th but we still have a long way to go before he is completely ready. As you can tell
the work is moving along!!!  We are teaching more people and the work is really 
progressing :D

So things have been getting a lot better.  I am starting to get more used
to everything. I feel more comfortable; but that doesn't mean it is all easy.
It is hard work being a missionary! I'm starting to love the work more and more.
Please keep the letters and everything. 
Crystal ~ I am still waiting for my handwritten letter! 
Melissa~ I am still waiting for my brakedown on the last twilight  movie :) 
Oh, and please let Carly know I sent off her letter today! And tell her sorry
for me for being so slow! :o 
I also sent off birthday card for Landon and John-John! I know it is SUPER late but
it's been a long week! I have been way to tired by the time I got home, SO Sorry.
Preston ~ I'm still waiting for a letter from you! I want to hear about your girlfriend, 
and all the other things you are up too. :) 

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! My time is running out and I don't want to get
kicked off again :) Oh, and by the way... next week I might be emailing you 
on Tuesday. I have interview with President on Monday, but I'm not for sure about that.
I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on that so you are not freaking out or
anything. And the reason we were writing super later this week is because we didn't
have the car and we could not get a ride until later) So just wanted to let you know 
just in case, but you can write before Monday just in case. LOVE YOU
GUYS!!!!!I miss and pray for you always!

Sister Sharon Andersen

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