Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Letter #11

YES We have been able to teach a lot of people! :)  It has been a very
exciting week!!!! We were able to help one of our investigators, her name is
Mary. (I don't remember what I've told you about her; so I'll just start
from the beginning...) She SET A DATE!!! she is getting baptized on SATURDAY!!
This Saturday, January 19th, 2013 she will be baptized. I am beyond excited for 
her. She has been meeting with the missionaries for almost a year now, and has
gone through a couple sets of missionaries. Back in March (I think?) she had
set a date to be baptized. She was ready; she had her outfit picked out, 
her program put together, she sent out her invites, and was so excited. When her 
family got her invitation, they “freaked out on her”. They didn't know she was
meeting with the missionaries. Her family has a  strong Cathoic background and 
have been members forever. So she got so scared that her family was going to
dis-own her so she canceled her date. :( So fastforward to now... Sister Williamson 
and I have really been focusing and working with her about building up her faith 
and trust in Lord. We would always remind her that through HIM anything can be
done. The Lord can soften her sister and family’s hearts!! Well, we have been
meeting with her since I came to the area. (off and on) trying to build the strength
she needs to set a date to be baptized.  So this week we were able to finalize a date!!
Of course with a huge help from the ward, and Bishop. We have been asking the
member's to have her in their homes for F.H.E; and she has loved that.
She was able to come to know the members better, and feel like a part of the ward 
family. It really helped being in the member's homes' where she could feel the spirit 
so strong. And see the family love. She always talks about how she loves seeing the 
families in the church; how close knit they are. And how they practice what they 
preach, and how they raise their children to know God. That part really helped 
her progress. She wants that spirit in her home.
There was also some legal info we needed help with, so our bishop
helped us with that. ( Did I ever mention our Bishop is a Lawyer? He has his own
practice here. There are tons of Lawyers and Doctors in our Ward. Also tons of
students! ) Anyways... because Mary is in her 70's, and her sister has taken over 
her finances. ( Because she has a "slow learning disability" or at least that is what she 
calls it ;) ) It makes things hard for her do on her own. I guess she gets overwhelmed 
very easy. So her sister has more control over her than we knew. However; it all worked
out! :) Her sister is not able to stop her from getting baptized.  It is very interesting 
now that Mary has set a date. We can see Satan working even harder on her. 
She is having some rough days, he is sure sending her problems and trying to overwhelm 
her.. she so close to the truth and that is making Satan REALLY upset. Which is such 
a strength ( in a weird way) to me. I don't think Satan would be working this hard on 
her if she wasn't making the right choices. He is going to do everything in his power to 
prevent her from making this covenant with God. It sure is a testimony builder to me, how 
important my call is; bringing souls' to Christ! :D
And for all that Satan is doing; our Heavenly Father is working just as hard to
help her. So that the most exciting news of the week! Oh, and I have some more updates
on transfers. Yesterday we had interviews with the mission President ( this is standard to 
do this every other tansfer) That is why our P-Day is today instead of yesterday. It is
totally going to throw me totally off... L.O.L. Anyways... So I'm definitely training this 
next transfer!! :/// Crazy!!! In my interview I said something about me, possibly training 
and President stopped me and said I'll be training this transfer AND for a long while after
L.O.L. So he gave me a breakdown on all the new sister's coming out. There are 7 sisters
this transfer, 9 on the next, then 8 on the next and that is just the English Sister too!! ;) 
So in total there will be 18 sisters coming out in January, and 21 coming out in Feb. and March.
It is so exciting!! 
Have we got any sisters in our ward or stakes?? So most likely (nothing for sure, but hopefully
I'll be staying in Naples. They will send 2 more Sisters to our ward; one for me to train,
and one for Sister Williamson to train. They will be moving our ward boundres around,
and then divide it into 3 pieces. I'll know for sure on the 26th, and transfers will be on the 29th. 
I will give you more information as it comes. :)

No worries mom, if you can't find the cord.  Just PLEASE send my G.P.S.
I'll be driving in 2 weeks and I don't know where anything is! So get that out a.s.a.p. please!!!

Preston sure is on top of everything! :) That is great! I wish I would have been
better prepared, and got my papers out sooner...any advice?? Get all your shots at the doctors
so you don't have to get at the M.T.C!! Dang it, my time running out! I have got to get off. 
I'll try to write a hand written letter this week and give Preston some more advice. 

Crystal, I will keep you in my prayers! Always! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! 
KEEP IT ALL COMING! I am so thankful for such a supportive family! I LOVE YOU 
WITH ALL MY HEART. I'll send pictures next week after Mary gets baptized. Sorry :D
~Sister Sharon Andersen

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