Monday, March 11, 2013

Letter #19

Dear family!
This week has been CRAZY! I didn't know being in a trio was so hard!  I've heard both sides (from other missionaries; mostly elders and you never know with them ;) that being in a trio is either really good or really BAD and you get nothing done either way.  I've kinda seen both sides this week, we've had our highs and lows. mostly highs but some real lows! This week has been a little rocky and rough.
One thing that we're really struggling with is making decisions; I think it's because Sister Westberg and I have gotten SO use to each other. We were starting to understand the way each other thinks and work through things. we could honestly finish each other thoughts and sentences. And then it's a new transfer and we're adding in someone new into the mix. I don't think we were ready for it. We were just honestly so excited we got to stay together. We weren't ready to train someone together. Because this whole time we were training each other -- cause she was honestly helping me out as much as I was helping her. Cause there is still so much I don't know......I was thinking about it though. I've been out almost 5 months at the end of this transfer, I'll be out 6 months which is 1/3 of my mission! That's crazy!!! It's gone by fast but then it hasn't. It's so true the days are LONG but the weeks are short. Every time we've gone and picked up a new missionary, I just think back when I was in their shoes and it feels like it was so long ago but honestly it wasn't.
  ANYWAYS  my new companion :) her name is Sister Godwin -- yes, I typed that right GODWIN! We're planning on using that to our advantage in our lessons somehow but haven't figured it out yet.....but we will! She's 23 going to turn 24 soon (which is kinda weird cause I'm training someone older than me? :) Anyways, she's from Turlock, California. which I love because in our companionship we outnumber Sister Westberg now, cause I'm always telling Sister Westberg how much better California is than Utah :) Now it's 2 versus 1. :)
So Sister Godwin is great!  Not going to lie, it's sometimes hard with 3 people. I kinda feel like someone always feels left out or not included. But luckily, we had a really great night last night!!! We were all talking and worked everything out. And just some such said and out. So we're all really trying to make everyone feel included and LOVED!!! 
Sister Sharon Andersen

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