Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter # 30

Dear family!
 Sorry I didn't write a long letter yesterday.  We only had a couple minutes on the computer...The Elders in our ward let us use their computers at their apartment; but no one else had access to computers so everyone else was already at the church playing games and things.....so we just send a little e-mail  reminding you that it was a Holiday.  You are getting better at remembering. I think it worked out better this way cause you guys were driving home.:)
It sounds like it was a good trip!! They never seem long enough, and you can never see everyone...but it was so nice seeing everyone right before I entered.  I'm glad Preston got to see a lot of family:)  it's a really hard goodbye, I  just had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't a “good bye” just “see you soon”.  Honestly it's really only an extra 6 months for me cause we usually only get to see them once a year :(   I can't believe they were not tears!!!  Dropping him off....so does it get easier each time?  Did you just know what to expect...I'm so proud of him!! I can’t wait to get his letter and hear how he's doing.  Please forward them to me. :)

This week has been pretty interesting...I'm really trying to learn something new with each of my Companions....Sister Calder really is helping me relax!  She is all about having a good time and laughing. One of the many things I've learned on my mission is that I stress! A lot! Don't know where I get that from? ;)  I just worry a lot.  About what other people are thinking, how there feeling, and what I can be doing differently.  I just worry a lot! So I'm really just trying to live in the moment and love my mission!! Even when it gets hard :)
Random side note- doesn’t know if I've told you yet. I'm known as the zone "mom"  :) whenever anyone get hurt (which happens a LOT, MOSTLY FROM P-DAY the elders are really rough playing sports and hurt themself all the time at one point, we have 2 people in boots one on crutches, or anything else.  Like picking on each other…ha ha  I have to be the voice of reason and tell them to calm down :) I forgot I've been meaning on telling you that.... I need to make a list of all the funny stuff that happens :) 
This week was great- Except being on bike! I hate bike week! But anyways Monday was great! P-day are the best; and much needed!  It’s so nice to just hang out with the whole zone, and relax for a little bit.  Even though P-day aren’t super relaxing cause everyone super excited....so usually were  in a huge rush doing everything.  Trying to get shopping, and everything done; so we can all hang out.   We usually go to the church and play sport. The Elders ALWAYS play basketball ha ha.  We sometime play volleyball; we’ve played ultament Frisbee once I think...and have gone shopping a couple times :)  The Elders have even come with us :) Love the elders in our ward their awesome :)  
Tuesday- we did services for Habitat for Humanity; which is so fun!!   Everything we do is something different.   I'm going to come home and be a master house builder :)   I've painted the inside and outside of homes.  Laied tile, grass, did molding and filling in the molding It’s so great and a really neat origination.  This house goes to a recent convert that's trying to get a house.  They have to do a total of 500 hours than she gets it for her to own :) So we have a huge group of missionaries going to help she get 30 hours in one day instead of 7 or 8.  She's great the Elders taught her almost a year ago she has 2 young kids and a baby on the way. :0  Then we went out to eat. Love going out to eat with all the missionaries...its weird now is on a mission. No one looks at my face anymore they go straight to my black name tag :)  We got some interesting looks :) ....we also ate at a members house, whose husband is less active.  There such a different feel to a home w/o the priesthood. I've been so blessed to have amazing priesthood holders to always be such an example to me. Thank you Daddy and Preston!! That something else I've learned on a mission. I've really learned to love and respect Elders that honor and respect the priesthood.  I defiantly want someone that worthy holds the priesthood :)
Wednesday is the day we usually do district meeting! I love district meeting :) We get training and get to feel the love and support of our zone of missionaries. Getting to talk about the work that's going on and being able to be around other missionaries that understand what we’re going through. We also started a fast on Wednesday as a zone our Senior Missionaries...Elder Brower was having eye surgery.  Fun fact fasting and bike week do not mix. :(  We have to bike like 10 miles that day that was pretty rough.  But the surgery went well, so it was all worth it in the end :)
Running out of time so I'll jump to Saturday :) I got to see the Grinstain’s :)   At Brother Coulten main wedding reception. It was great seeing her!!  She is just the sweetest thing; she was intruding me to everyone and telling them about me serving a mission and about Preston too :) There such a great family and love them so much!!! She said she took a picture and said she was going to put it on Facebook so you could see. Hope she did... and if she didn’t I'll send pictures next week I forgot my cord again, Sorry! (*see picture below)
Well I have to go! I love you all so much!!!
 Sister Sharon Andersen

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