Monday, June 3, 2013

Letter # 31

Dear family!!

This has been a pretty good week! I don't know what happened or changed, but Sister Calder and I seem to work together better than EVER! We also seem to understand each other more. :)  We just are different. That is one thing I have learned out here; how to get along with other people. It is really neat to meet different kinds of people and see how everyone has their own story. I've really learned how to work with other people and get along with people that I might not have gotten along with before. :)
This week was interesting with transfers :( Transfers are never fun. I'm still not good with change. It's hard saying good-bye to everyone and having new people come in. Every missionary adds something new to the District and Zone.
This transfer was really hard... We had to say bye to one of the favorite sisters I've meet out here.:) (Actually probably my close second right after Sister Westberg :)  So p-day last week was bitter sweet.  We had a really fun time. We all hung out at the church, and played volleyball and ate a ton of junk! It was hard to say goodbye... but it was a good end. We did the same thing as last transfer; all the sisters got together and had a goodbye photo-shoot which is super fun! :) I want to keep that tradition going. :) It was just really sad; because the sister was not getting transferred -- she was going home. She hurt her leg out here on the mission and it just wasn't healing fast enough/getting any better. I understand, it's hard to rest when on a mission cause you just want to go do the work. She is going home for a short time and planning on returning hopefully SOON :)
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we got caught in some pretty crazy rain storms!:) Looking back now, it was fun... but at the time we were just cool and tired :) So this week we have been trying to work on visiting the less active members. We haven't had much success. :( However we have found 2 new investigators which was really nice :) They seem great too!!! One of the sisters we met just walking around with Sister Brandley :)  Her husband passed away a couple years ago and we loved sharing our testimony on being able to see him again. I'm so thankful for all the knowledge that comes from this gospel :0  I love this church!!  And know it's true with all my heart :)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 
Sorry, short on time.  Love you all!!!
~ Sister Sharon Andersen

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