Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Extra Pictures!!

Just some random pictures :) First one is a picture after the Coult's wedding recepiction. Yes we found a frog and caught it! :)They are everywhere after rainstorms. and by the way they are really fast!

The next one please send to hayhay... tell her a gator got me :) It was really my bike that got me but she doesn't need to know that... (I just want to see if she will fall for that :) ~She totally fell for it; she said I bet the gator thought her leg was a long duck neck and was hungry! LOL. Hailey also asked if I thought Sharon was still alive after the gator got her, and I said "She sent us the email and the pictures so YES... She survived a gator attack!" and then Hailey said "Thank goodness I would be really mad at that gator if he took my sharshar!" LOL 

The next one is also from the wedding... It was beautiful! They did a great job (just in case you were wondering... I still want my wedding on the beach :) I was thinking San Diego Temple)  I had an idea I did half the heart and once Preston get's to Texas he does the other half... I saw it on pinterest. I thought it might be cute. Now you just have to talk him into it :)

And the last one sums up our last couple of weeks :0 Summer is officially started and we have gotten caught in a TON OF RAIN STORMS... it was just down pouring rain! :/

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