Thursday, June 20, 2013

Letter # 33

Dear family!!
Well, happy late fathers day!!! sounds like daddy had a good one which makes me happy. glad that you got my present :) sorry it's nothing huge but i wanted to send a little something...and it kinda worked out that i was confused about when fathers day was hahaha   cause that way you for sure got it on time :)

And i don't have Carly's email so could you please pass the message along :) PLEASE THANK HER for bringing over dessert, she's pretty much the best!! i love her!! Carly thank you for taking care of my daddy :) you are and will always be the little sister i never got :) LOVE YOU!!!
So this week wasn't exciting as last week...but it's kinda hard to compare to being on lock down and all :) we talked about 72 hours kits again at district meeting, so your mind can be at ease mommy :) my 72 hour kit is fully stocked and ready :)

Funny thing, though, that day we had another tornado warning haha but i guess that's the norm. the elders just keep telling us "Welcome to Florida".  thanks elders!! ..but luckily this week we're on car so we could still go out and work. but it's starting to get pretty crazy...summer coming :) here the weather is always changing. so you just always have to be might just start down pouring out of nowhere.... all the members say it's pretty regular. it hits in between 3-6 everyday. so it's just going to take some getting used to.

I loved the rain before i came out :) and I'm trying really hard to love it out's so weird tho cause you'll put on a jacket before it's pouring down rain, but then you start sweating because, guess what, it's still hot and humid outside :) it's so weird. but i love it!! i love Florida!!
So the only real update is on Dawn. she's the one i told you about in the last letter. she was led to the church by frogs :) well we're having to move back her baptism to the 29 :( cause we're trying to figure out her living situation. she's living with a family right now and we're trying to get her settled on her own. but we're excited about meeting with her. she's really making huge changes in her life. it's just amazing to see people change right before your eyes. and see all that Christ can do and does do for each and everyone of us.

I'll keep you updated on that; hopefully everything works out. oh yeah, we're also planning on going out with Jessica this week which i'm excited about!!  because of the ward split, i don't get to visit her anymore and only see her for every once in awhile. but she's allowed to go on visits with us, which she gladly loves to do :)

Mary -- i haven't seen in months :(  she hasn't been coming to church lately. the other sisters update me sometimes on how she's doing. she's in a tough situation. her sister doesn't approve of her coming to this church.  They're very strong catholic. but i hear she's doing the best she can
But that's about it for the week . i love you guys so much!!!!! and think and pray for you always
Sister Sharon Andersen 

~ (For the rest of you, Carly brought over a couple of pieces of very chocolate cake last night -- since she knew that Sharon always used to make desserts for us every Sunday.  So nice of her to think of that!)  
(And the present that Sharon sent me was an alligator pin.  I wore it as a tie tack to church yesterday.)

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