Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter # 34

Dear Family!!
 This week has been so bittersweet! We had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Summerhays! I knew I was going to be getting two Mission President's coming into the mission. I was so excited about that :) people told me it is great serving with two Mission President's and that's it's a huge privilege being able to see how they run it differently and what they focus on. However, I did not think it would be this hard to see them go. I've been able to serve with them for almost half my mission and have enjoyed every second of it. They are such a sweet couple, they have so much love for all the missionaries and this work! I have loved serving under them. I look up to them so much. President Summerhays is just the sweetest thing ever! I've loved getting trained from him and doing interviews with him. I am able to feel of his love for each of us and of the gospel. I know I'll grow to the love the Cusicks just as much!!
At the Zone Conferences we have the missionaries that our going home soon give their departing testimony. It is so different when you know the missionaries going home. It's so sad when you've gotten close to them, and see them prepare to leave. i just couldn't help but start to crying. I'm such a girl!!! I am just still not good with all the changes... and then when President and Sister Summerhays got up there to speak; it became real.  It is going to be just so different. To top it off we sang God with with you till we meet again... that's when i lost it. By the way; thanks Melissa! (I end every letter to her with that... "God be with you till we meet again!") I love that song but I can't really sing it on a mission without crying anymore! It was great though because we were able to give hugs and handshakes (to the Summerhays) Sister Summerhays told me she was so proud of me and that she loved me and she thought I was doing a great job... just when I had gotten myself together again! Ha ha. It was a great day; definitely bittersweet. However, I love my mission now!! And I'll continue to love it!
Sorry I was in more of a rush than usual. Sorry that my letter is so short; maybe the pictures will make up for it :) Love you all!!!!!
 I love you so much :) God be with you till me meet again :)
 Sister Sharon Andersen
 Preparing for the Tropical Storm... Tee-Pee Mattress's
 Sister Calder and Sister Andersen after a Beach Baptism
 Poppin' TAGS!
 BEAUTIFUL view...
 Jumping for JOY! Another one baptised!!
 Scenic View
 So pretty!
 Just after a bike ride in the rain!
and being SILLY scared in the bathtub...

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