Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter #41

Dear Family!

Daddy I Love hearing about your missionary experiences... Missionary work makes everyone involved happy. I'll be honest; I don't love it all day everyday, but I understand the cliche "best 2 years"... Because It is the best. That does not mean that it isn't hard because guess what it is! However; It is so worth it:) I have already felt like it's been the best half a mission for me and my life :) hahahaa  I've seen and felt myself change so much on my mission. I've learned so many thing that I couldn't have learned otherwise.

So I'm starting to get the hang of Brooksville. Don't get me wrong I would still get lost with out my G.P.S :) but it is starting to feel more like home :) I'm starting to really love the people and the work. The work is really moving forward. We found two awesome gator's (people investigating the church) this week :) It is so neat to see the Lord prepare people. To work and open doors...

We have been having troubles with some of the people we are working on lately. We had been getting kinda discouraged. Sister O and I have been really trying to be better and be more obedient. We have seen the blessings. Our planner has never been more full. We are getting in with more people and seeing the Lords hand in our work. I don't think I've told you about everyone... here is a little bit about everyone so when I talk about them you'll know :) So there is :

Kilar~ the sweetest 14 or 15 year old that just showed up to our church with his grandmother. He has been searching and investigating churches for a while. He loves our church :) Really couldn't ask for more. He's very open and so respectful!! We are also going to  try to work on his parents right now who are strong Catholics :) We are teaching them the Plan of Happiness today.

Hannah and Gracie~ are 9 and 12 year old girls that are cousins. They are just about the sweetest things ever. The first lesson she said she wanted to get baptized and asked if it cost anything. So we're just working on getting permission from her parent and finishing all the lessons with her.

Disha~ she is the sweetest prettiest Indian girl :) She is around our age; late 20's. She doesn't have much religious background so we are kinda starting from the beginning. She can recognize and feel the spirit very easily.

The Sims Family~  family of 7. We have been working on them for a while. We are trying to get them back to church. The boys are Scout age and they love it! The family is going through huge struggles right now...

Well I'm out of time like usual :( I will have to update you next week I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! God be with you till we meet again :)

Sorry about the spelling and that it's kinda short... I was in a rush if you couldn't tell. Sorry!!

Love you guys!!!!!

Sister Sharon Andersen

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