Monday, October 7, 2013

Letter #49

Dear Family!! 

I love Conference Weekend! It gets you super pumped as a missionary! haha. I also loved that everyone was talking about missionary work and getting the members more involved. There was so many good speakers, one after another! :)
Mommy and Daddy, I wanted to just take a second and thank you for all that you did to help us kids enjoy Conference when we were younger. On the mission I've really come to love Conference. I feel like I get so much more out of it now. Daddy, you are right my favorite part was the Bingo Game you did ever year. (believe it or not... it  never feels the same without it haha) Again, Thank You Mommy and Daddy for always setting the perfect example and for getting us involved and focused even when we may not have wanted to! hahaha. 
This Conference this week was so great!! We had an investigator come!!!  That is the best!!! They seemed to really enjoy it. It is funny though, I've never worried before about conference. Like worried about what's topic are going to be on or what there going to say.  However, when your watching with someone that you are teaching you kinda worry! I kept wondering ~ What are they thinking? Or how are they talking this? I still don't understand why I worry; like our Prophet is going to say something wrong! hahaha. It was really great Sunday Morning. We got to go to the Evan's house (our Ward Mission Leader) They are the "Rockstar Member Missionaries" in our ward... they invited our investigator over to watch conference. It is their neighbor that they had refereed to us. :) (see what I mean; church members helping the missionaries :) Sister Evan said we were invited too, and that she would have some snacks. Low and behold she brings out like a 3 course meal! haha. Ok, not that extreme, but close to it! It was so great being in a members home. It made me feel more like home! :)
I just love them, Sister Evan is kind of like our missionary mom. :0 I've found there is always a member that takes that role and just loves the missionaries to death! :0 She is always there for us! :) The whole family is awesome! 

So all the other sessions we watched at the church and it was the elders, us and like one other member. hahaha. It was still great. We made the best out of it. Sister Kitchen and I made a ton of treats and stuffed out faces while getting feed spiritually as well :) It was great, and gets you super pumped! :0 I love Conference!! There were so many good speakers! I loved the Saturday Session's with Ucthdorf and Holland. They were awesome as usual :) I always enjoy hearing President Monson. How could you not?Hearing him talk about his wife is so sweet. You can't not love him!!! I want to find someone that will talk about me that way! :) You can feel the spirit and authority he holds. He has so much power when he speaks... I forgot to bring my notes, but those I think were my favorite! :) 

Besides General Conference being amazing (like usual)... we had a pretty good week :) I've been kinda sick this last week... so that kinda sucked. However, I have been pushing through it! hahaha.  The highlight of week though for sure was getting a date set with our awesome investigator. His name is Matt and he set up for the 27 of this month to be baptized!:) and to watch conference. So this week we just need to talk about the Word of Wisdom yeah!! I have to admit I am kinda worried/nervous about that one. We need to get him off coffee and smoking. So this should be fun... besides that our other investigator has kinda been sadly sucking and canceling on us :(but it was still a pretty good week. We are still working hard. Cancellations help to teach you to plan well; and to always have a good back up plan because you never know what is going to happen. :)
On Monday we were working with this sweet part-member family :) We are going back today; pretty excited about that.  We are starting with the basic stuff; they have a 6 and 9 year old. I think we are going to be talking about Jesus today. The only thing I don't like about visiting them is the dog. Don't get me wrong; I love dogs, but their dog is so gross. It has a tumor as big as my fist. It is gross! Not to mention; it bits you too. What can you do?? Everyone here has dogs!
On Tuesday  we went and saw Sister Landry. Have I told you about her? She is the sweetest little thing. The only reason she is less active is because she is home bound :( She is so loving and so lonely; It breaks my heart... She is always giving us stuff... like a bunch... hahha I have pictures I'll have to send hahaha. We also went to visit Bro Popalto. He is always fun to go see. He always fattens us up with homemade Italian Food and ice cream! After that we went on splits.
Wednesday we has Distirct Meeting. I love them!! I love getting together with other missionaries :) We went out to eat and as always we got a lot of looks! It causes a lot of attention when we go out in a group! Then we visited 2 recent converts and taught the first lesson to a new invetigator. It was a pretty good day.
On Thursday we planed for the week. We tried to get things set up and meet with some more recent converts. We have a lot in this ward which I love :) Recent converts have such a sweet spirit to them! WE also got to do some temple preperation with one of our returning members.
Friday was a LONG DAY.  We helped this possible investigator move out of our area :( That is the worst.. we had to pass them off to the Elders! They better take good care of them. That took pretty much all day and all our energy. I decided that I hate moving!! I want to limit the amount of moving I do! hahaha.
Saturday-Sunday was all about General Conference, and eating, and trying to visit people in between sessions :)

Well I'm low on time :(Please know that I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!! I miss you every day and your always in my prayers and thoughts! God be with you till me meet again :)
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Zone Conference ~ Sister Andersen is in the front row sitting in the Red Skirt and Black Shirt.

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